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bush and blair

My mate Bowers has been up to no good again, this time using his newly aquired animation skills to provide us with a seering indictment of current Anglo-American relations. He scares me.

vent 304

Hooray. I’ve added 304 brand new entries to blogjam’s very own version of the Jerry Springer Show, Vent. Highlights include a heartfelt plea to an ex-husband which ends by quoting Dido at length and (for the geeks amongst you) the first entry on Vent to refer to the Linux operating system. I’ve also added a new category, “to my student”, which gives an ugly insight into teacher/pupil politics and the mechanisms of the examination system at American universities.

Plus 301 others.


Apologies for the following link, which is completely pornographic in nature, but I need to know what is going on. It appears to be footage (warning: naughty bits have been pixellated, but still NSFW) from a Japanese live-sex gameshow, in which various female ‘winners’ get to ‘service’ gentlemen in front of a audience whose emotions run swiftly between baying hysteria and quietly contemplative awe. Perhaps it’s an audition of some kind, with work to be won in Japan’s adult film industry. At one point in the brief series of highlights, a delighted young lady seems to win a game of ‘rock, scissors, stone’, giving her the chance to enjoy full penetrative sex in front of the entire studio audience.

I’ll be honest. I’m completely baffled by this. Explanations, please.

damon albarn

New on blogjam: My mate made a thing using the magic of Adobe® After Effects®. I then turned it into a web thing using Macromedia® Flash® technology. It’s a heartfelt tribute to Damon Albarn, the extremely talented and universally loved lead singer with erstwhile kings of Britpop, Blur. It works best if you’ve got a big fat pipe (ie. broadband), and I think it’s genius. Here it is (nsfw).

blogjam football agent

Today the Nigerian national football team coach, Christian Chukwu, left a comment on my website. Mr Chukwu appears to have stumbled across a reference to Sven Goran Eriksson on blogjam, and erroneously assumed that it would be easy to contact the England manager via my comments system. Fear not, Mr Chukwu, I have printed off your missive and will be dropping it through the door of the Football Association on my way to work tomorrow.


New on blogjam: I made a thing. I like to think of it as a valuable teaching aid. It’s all about animals. I hope you are both educated and entertained by its bestial magnificence.

kevin kostner

The Analogia Star Estimator is one of those delicious pieces of online magic that promises so much, yet delivers an end result so laughable that you begin to doubt the company’s credentials. The premise is simple:

Our engine Analogia will find most matching similarities between your portrait and 200 photos of Top Stars. Pattern recognition software will test you. It shows 3 best matches, and, finally, only you decide if you are looking like those famous persons.

So I submitted a picture. And the results speak for themselves, I think.

2 channel update

At last my plans to bring 2 Channel culture to the attention of non-Japanese sections of the Interweb appear to have come to fruition, with the publishers of two different sites mailing me within a few moments of each other to promote their pages. First up was an interesting article about 2 Channel itself, which reads as a more thoroughly researched and nicely fleshed out version of a piece I cobbled together some time ago. This was followed swiftly by a guide to 2 Channel animation featuring a commendable set of links to various useful sites.

S?tsu k?su no naka ni ch?zu ga arimasu, as they say in Japan.

Update: Slashdot have finally discovered 2 Channel in the wake of a New York Times article. There’s a registration-free version at the Seattle Times. Try and keep up, fellas.

breedster mayhem

Strange, disturbing things are afoot at the Breedster community. First of all I contracted a bug that affected my digestive tract and slowed my metabolism down, then an STD that delivered me infertile. Others have experienced the same thing and received a parallel dose of vitriol. Still more are willfully infecting the population with further STDs, apending the title ‘AIDS’ to their user names. Lovely. Personally, I’ve comitted suicide (terminated my account) so that at least I’m unable to infect anyone else.

what's that spell

Finally, there are those who appear to be clubbing together to spell out words on the grid. ‘Otter’, maybe?

It’s anarchy, I tell you.