kevin kostner

The Analogia Star Estimator is one of those delicious pieces of online magic that promises so much, yet delivers an end result so laughable that you begin to doubt the company’s credentials. The premise is simple:

Our engine Analogia will find most matching similarities between your portrait and 200 photos of Top Stars. Pattern recognition software will test you. It shows 3 best matches, and, finally, only you decide if you are looking like those famous persons.

So I submitted a picture. And the results speak for themselves, I think.


  1. Got mugged by this myself, and the results are so laughably distinct from anything approaching the real world that you (or a more paranoid version of yourself) might think that it’s a plot by the CIA (or some even MORE sinister organisation) to build up a database of faces for some kind of satellite pattern recognition face-tracing project. Aimed entirely at bloggers. Obviously.

    Goshdarnit, you can hear them muttering to themselves in their smoky rooms: if only we’d asked them to identify themselves somehow before uploading the pictures…

  2. Get your hair cut you slacker!

  3. Muhahaha that’s a great find…must get batteries for y camera… :P

  4. You say that, you SAY that, but I submitted half-a-dozen pictures of myself with different hair, at different times of the day, and pulling different faces, and EVERY TIME it said I looked like Cher.

    Every time. CHER.

  5. If I could turn back time…

    Atcherley, yunno, more i think about analogia and their “star estimator”, the more they seem like a bizarre intrusion into this world from the pages of a PKDick short story.

    Or should that be the other way round. Oh, I dunno…

  6. Hang on, that’s just a webpage with four photographs of the same guy on it.
    What a con!

  7. Kevin– Loved your latest movie Open Range. But after the movie ended I realized there are two more movies as a result of Open range. Thought you might be intrested to hear the ideas. ONe could be about the boy being asked to become sheriff and do a movie about him trying to keep outlaw justice from taking over the town. Second movie could be about the new saloon owner and his fight in trying to run a clean outift without troublesome gamblers and troublemakers.And maybe even another movie about someone marrying the Irishmans (Open Range rancher) daughter and all the trails and tribulations of making that ranch a vaible entity.–Just thought in my mind because there arent any more goo dwestern being made by the newbies !!!–Thanks–LFT.