Apologies for the following link, which is completely pornographic in nature, but I need to know what is going on. It appears to be footage (warning: naughty bits have been pixellated, but still NSFW) from a Japanese live-sex gameshow, in which various female ‘winners’ get to ‘service’ gentlemen in front of a audience whose emotions run swiftly between baying hysteria and quietly contemplative awe. Perhaps it’s an audition of some kind, with work to be won in Japan’s adult film industry. At one point in the brief series of highlights, a delighted young lady seems to win a game of ‘rock, scissors, stone’, giving her the chance to enjoy full penetrative sex in front of the entire studio audience.

I’ll be honest. I’m completely baffled by this. Explanations, please.


  1. Jesus. Makes all the fuss about Michael Winterbottom’s new film look pretty tame.

  2. Nowt as strange as folk…?

    Otherwise, I dunno, I rilly rilly don’t…

  3. is this a real tv show or part of a pornmovie?
    shoking! gimmi more!!!

  4. Link doesn seem to work. It just takes me to some blog, same as any other blog but in Swedish or somehing.

  5. looks like an hungarian blog.

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