rude kitten

I have found a very rude kitten. He sits there, not moving, and then… well, you see for yourself. Bad kitten.


  1. utterly fantastic! I think he has maybe overdone it on the kitty chunks…

  2. That’s horrid, I don’t approve of that at all.

  3. No birds eye view of a kitten, would that be too real?

  4. you are my new boyfriend.

  5. unless, of course, you’re a girl.

    in which case, you’re my new girlfriend.

  6. Pork Pie Lovers of Newcastle

    Too many pork pies?

  7. do you have any kittens why they still born in baby kittens beause my called moye bramley shes 28 in 7s and her age is 4 from march 03 2006 but can get me a kitten a white and ginger can you tell me your
    telphone number please can u my mum will call u at chritmas ok.
    from cherylan bramley.

  8. Needs more doom music.