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Whenever I claim that I’m partially responsible for the popularity of kittens on the Internet (as I frequently do), I actually feel like a fraud. This is because any contribution I’ve made in this field is very slight indeed, and the true reason our diminutive cat friends are so popular is down to the work of one man, Joel Veitch. Veitch’s animated kittens have brought him more success than eBay, earning the animator an estimated twelve million pounds per month, and I hear an IPO is imminent. If this weren’t enough, Joel has returned to blogging with the The Blog of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom. Already the standard is high – as early as the second entry he’s referencing the morbid fear of wheelbarrows held by flightless birds in Brazil. The rest of us may as well retire.

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  1. Don’t be so modest, a little bird tells me that such has been the monumentalness of your input to the world of kittens, that a certain Mr Blair is considering creating the role of Kitten Czar just for yourself!
    But then what do I know, I listen to birds…etc etc