don’t ask jeeves

Ooh. I found yet another blogjam. This one is hosted at blogspot, and went online three days before I started posting here, on December 13 2000. It lasted for just two posts, as opposed to the 1051 I’ve manfully delivered at this address. Ergo, I win.

Anyway. Why is it that some people ask questions of search engines, instead of entering search terms? It’s as if people expect to be able to insert a phrase like “What colour should I paint my bedroom?” and the search engine will reply, “Well, Janet. It’s a south-facing room, and the trees across the way block out much of the early-morning sun, so I’d suggest something light. Maybe a pastel blue? It’ll compliment the bathroom delightfully. And how’s the family? Is George still in hospital?”

Here’s some recent questions people have asked search engines on their way to blogjam. I hope they found what they wanted, although I doubt much solace was to be found within these pages. Some of this is really quite disturbing.

how can i find friends for my schizophrenic brother?
where is the liberal outrage at iraqi’s beheading people?
why am i ugly ?
am i having a girl or boy?
howdo I get my ex-girlfriend back?
why does my husband lie about everything?
why won’t my wife fuck me?
why did i fuck my son?
why does the gym teacher make my daughter uncomfortable?
is fraser lewry really the king of the world?

OK, so that last one was me.


  1. Well # 8 is in the FAQ on my site but obviously my pagerank is not as BIG as yourS!

  2. I guess his ‘existensial angst of starting a blog’ hadn’t really worn off, then.

  3. Hello luv,
    Hope all is going well, like ur new design… I’ve exiled myself for awhile, no net… It’s refreshing to find that things havent really changed so much in two years… Hope you are well… And, uh, wtf with the japanese animation? When did that happen, luv? Anyhoo…be good. b