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more g-mail

The excitement of having gmail invites to deliver to the World’s most needy nerds never really wears off.

Well, OK, it eventually does.

Still, I’m not going to stop yet, and I’ve got another four one five one six zero burning a hole in my desktop. You know the score by now – leave e-mail address plus first and second names in the comments section if you’re interested. Alternatively, those fine fellows at Too Louche may be able to sort you out. Tell ’em I sent you.


I bought myself a lap-steel guitar from eBay, so that I can play Country & Western, Country Swing and Bluegrass. I have no idea how to play the bloody thing, and I’ve just realized that I also need an amplifier, lead and tuner if I’m to make any real progress. This is going to be an expensive hobby, but in a couple of years I think I’ll be fully immersed in the hillbilly lifestyle, having changed my name to Billy Bob, moved to the Appalacian Mountains, grown a mullet, started sleeping with my cousin Bessie Jean, and taken to wandering round with a hog under one arm and a flagon of moonshine uinder the other. Personally, I can’t wait.