letter to america

This site is generally a place of light-hearted, knockabout banter, but today’s news from across the pond puts something of a dampener on affairs. Eventually the laughter has to stop, and a more serious approach adopted. It’s with this in mind that I’ve decided to write an open letter to America, expressing the doubts that many will feel about what increasingly looks likely to be a Republican victory in the Presidential election. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Time to to raise our voices and not be beaten down. Time to make a difference.

Here it is. Please feel free to pass this on and encourage others to do the same


  1. Well said Fraser. On this subject you speak for everyone. A truly dark day for the world.

  2. Many had doubts about a Kerry presidency, but no-one had any illusions about 4 more years of Bush. His spurious invasion of Iraq succeeded in alienating and radicalising virtually the entire Islamic world not only against America, but against the entire western world. Thousands of people have died across the world at the hands of this murderous, cynical administration. If the American electorate can not be trusted to elect a stable, responsible leader, it is high time we left them to stew in their own juice.

  3. Fraser – did you forget to insert an adverb in your letter? ‘Still’ might be appropriate.

  4. Bush handily won the redneck, racist and terrified Midwesterner votes. According to exit polls, the less education someone had the more likely he or she was to vote for Bush. And if you happened to be a redneck, racist, or terrified Midwesterner with a high school education or less who also made $250,000 or more a year, it was a no-brainer. Literally.

  5. Once again Fraser, succinct and to the point, well said that man!
    Normally if something major happens politically, I can usually smirk about it, or think of a way it may turn out alright. But this is an exception.
    I do not have enough of a vocabulary to say what a shite state of affairs this all is.
    Yee ha America, you have the leader you deserve. You can get back to shootin’ squirrels and decorating your trailer home with your cousin/wife now.
    Apart from those of you who at least tried and voted for John”Munster”Kerry.

  6. Dark day indeed. Some of us *did* vote for Kerry. Shamefully, it just wasn’t enough of us. Unhappily yours, a dissatisfied American.

  7. Hi,
    If these are your’s they are very,very,very,very, and very cute and I mean cute

  8. You know Dina…I have to question whether or not it really wasn’t enough of us after reading some very interesting articles and watching some interesting programming on the electronic voting machines… (I voted for Kerry also) – I’m not about to call it a fraud or anything, but it makes me raise an eyebrow.

    I really thought Kerry was going to win – dammit!

    As for you fraser – are you sure you didn’t steal that letter from me? j/k – very nicely put…

  9. i just don’t understand how, after the past 4 years, bush managed to dupe so many – again. i’m so ashamed of my country.

  10. Well teli, FWIW, they did forget to turn on my electronic voting booth when I went in. I had to point out to the helpful election volunteers that perhaps powering the machine on would make it more effective. Really, it’s amazing we get anything accomplished on election day.

  11. Good point, well made. However, it could benefit from the word “cunt” at some stage.

  12. we second scaryduck’s suggested amendment and would go so far as to suggest 51% of the letter should in fact be the word ‘cunt’.

  13. my girlfriends aunt is american. we are english. her aunt was over last week from chicago. she is a lawyer and was policing the voting in milwaukee, wisconsin. she voted kerry but knew bush would win. why? because AMERICA IS STUPID. she herself confessed this. why is it that we can see it, millions of americans can see it, but yet bush still won? i cant wait for the next four years to be over so that there america can get in a long-awaited saviour to the white house!

  14. A friend of mine just sent me this link. While your letter might be appropriate for 51% of the population, and certainly for ohio and florida, it comes across as ignorant and insulting for those of us in say, Massachusetts, where I live. We voted for Kerry, we donated to his campaign, we did everything we could. Your letter is cute, and a little funny, but remember that there were a LOT of people who voted for Kerry, no matter what Bush says about having a “mandate”….

  15. I live in California and most of us here fucking hate Bush and the army of retrograde gibbons that voted for his stupid ass. We’re about ready to secede from the Union. The only thing that would suck about that is that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be our president.

  16. Yes. Most of America is exceptionally stupid. On the bright side, it’s usually good for a few laughs.

    I’m sorry the idiots voted for George W. Michigan went to Kerry, for what it’s worth…

  17. “You. are stupid” isn’t a proper sentence. It is otherwise correct. This is fortunate, for if they were clever enough to be litertate, you would have hoards of Americans belitting you on account of your grammar.

  18. In the above comment, for “litertate”, read “literate”.