oh really

Years ago I was on a mailing list called tsluts. It’s where b3ta came from, sort of. It was kinda fun. Often someone would introduce a website to the group, someone else would ask the question, “shall we do them over?”, and everyone would get busy trolling the site in question, leaving odd comments or mild abuse in a humorous and mostly deserved kind of way. The combined force of the tsluts massive would descend as one and castigate the site for some imagined indiscretion or, as was often the case, for simply being crap.

Anyhow. Today I ran across a blog run by some student or other, where I read the following passage:

Blogjam is now an official term copyrighted by myself. Any use of said term will result in a lawsuit, unless accompanied by a link back to my blog.

And so I have to ask: shall we do them over?


  1. hehe… i like the word “official”

  2. madness! Madness i tell you.
    I hereby copyright the word Kitten. Everyone has to pay me 5p everytime they use it, say it or have a picture of one.
    Fraser – pay up.
    and the rest of you.

  3. The cheeky young pup is deleting comments as soon as they arrive!

  4. He is afraid our our mighty power.

  5. What, a REAL lawsuit? Cor!

  6. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Now he’s banned comments altogether. Boo censorship. Students are obviously a great deal more right-wing these days than they were when I was at college.

  7. No sense of humour either.

  8. Crap through his letterbox, it’s the only language these people understand.

  9. i actually go to his uni… i should hunt down the cheeky scamp and slap his wrists.

  10. I’m with Scaryduck.

    Poo and letterbox seem a fine combination.

  11. Ooh! Ooh! He “doesn’t care” that you exist! I bet he’s the life and soul of the union bar during rag week.

  12. Hey Fraser,
    This boy needs a good spanking! He definitely should be Done Over!
    Brandy Mosher… Owner of the best…:)

  13. Hi. First off I’d like to say this: When I wrote that post I was unaware of this site. Secondly, if anyone takes the things I say (particularly in this respect) seriously, they need their head examined. Third, I have deleted some comments, yes. The reason for this is that they looked a bit like this:

    Content:i have a idea for you……… get a job you waster.”

    or this:

    Content:i now own the word ‘frog’ pay up boyo”

    and in one extreme case:

    “Dear Mr. Brent,

    I own the copywright for the term “Simon Brent”, hence I must insist you immediately remove such term from your site. Which is crap, anyway.

    Yours sincerely,

    Simon Brent”

    That final one was an email from simonATsbrent.com, a site I can only assume has been set up for the sole purpose of mocking me. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I went there and there wasn’t much going on…

    Now, I find these comments annoying, sure. Who wouldn’t. I also find it disturbing that someone has that much free time on their hands that they are willing to set up a website just to try to upset me. What is worse is that these people who comment are obviously too cowardly to leave contact details. So to you I say this: Grow Up. Find a sense of humour. And find something more constructive to do with your time, like, I dunno…clubbing baby seals to death. (Note to the slower readers, that was a joke too.)
    This will no doubt result in me getting MORE of these comments, but I feel I owe it to the author of this blog to speak up here. But not to the readers. Yes, I have been deleting your comments. Yes, I have locked some of my posts so that they can only be commented by people from my uni who have signed in, and thus are not hiding behind anonymity. This is because what you people have been doing is Rude.

  14. A whois search shows that sbrent.com was registered in early 2003. I doubt that it was set up to mock you, unless the owner foresaw this discussion two years ago. Anything’s possible on the web.

  15. Hokai…just a coincidence that the owner read this then i guess. but still…

  16. Well said Simon!

  17. I’ve just pissed my pants.

  18. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    I like it when Simon goes “So to you I say this”, like he’s Moses. I think we’d better stop annoying him before he wields his mighty rod of fire.

  19. You know you’re on the back foot when you resort to the “Grow Up” riposte.

  20. raarrrr. Indeed. Although I think you are getting your Bible references mixed up. There was the burning bush, and there was the rod that opened up the Red Sea *cough*earthquake*cough*, but never a burning rod, unless I’ve forgotten all studies in that area…

    And Simon spake unto them: “The comment endeth. Go back to your homes and prepare for war!”

    no…wait…that isn’t right is it?

  21. Maybe Mavan, maybe. However, what makes you think that “I like raspberry jam.” is any more of an intelligent statement, given that it had absolutely nothing to do with, well…anything?

  22. I like rasberry jam too.

  23. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with rasberry jam, although strawberry is better ;-)
    However, this had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the post, and therefore its presence was not entirely welcome…

  24. I feel I should point out the pleasures of consuming apricot jam at this juncture.

    Thank you for making me laugh raucously…


  25. has anyone seen my weed smoking gopher??
    he only went to the shop for the daily mail and 10 benson.

  26. Well I have just found a pack of 10 B&H outside my front door, and the squirrels are making some very strange noises. Is he a randy Gopher?


  27. what the fuck is all this website about

  28. Simon, what I like best about your clever rebuttal (irony) is that you spend so much of your precious time telling others that we’re wasting our time. It’s our time. We’ll waste if we want to, waste if we want to… You would do to, if it happened to you.

  29. The Mighty Wellington

    And so it came to be that Blogjam did not successfully do over the site in question, eventually finding a happy medium between complaint, dissatisfaction, and a series of STFU N00B!1!1!1p post. And lo the peoples united and celebrated with gravy and Onken. Aye, ’tis honourable to celebrate with such a combination.

  30. Hey, I’ve been away for a while and hell breaks loose! *grin*
    Simon, the “Dear Mr. Brent, I own the copywright for the term “Simon Brent”..etc.” was from me, and I loved every second of the time I wasted writing to you.
    Please feel free to reciprocate, honey.

  31. uselessjibberjabber