Kitten Magnificence

Today is a glorious day. I have uploaded 202 (that’s two hundred and two) new kittens to the random kitten generator. That’s ten score shots of junior feline splendour, 16 dozen prime examples of fantastic furry fabulosity. This little fella is my new favourite:

With a little bit of luck, he could become the new Nohands, I reckon.


  1. I’m not keen on cats, they dig up my holes and urinate over me. boo hoo. But i like your site . Linked you .

  2. I have an extra kitten if you’d like it. I think I stole it off a couple of years ago and it’s been my desktop picture ever since. Personally I think it even beats the one above.

  3. Oh. Having just clicked on the Nohands link, I think you probably don’t need it after all.

  4. I love you…more kittens…hurrah!

  5. That rates at least a panowie. Shall have to find some way of using him and Nohands together… The Kittens From Fame, perhaps…

  6. There will never be another Nohands. With any luck.

  7. I don’t know about the new NoHands, but maybe a partner in crime…

    Pray for mercy from the infamous NoHands brothers!