lying tory scum

Boring geek aside: why does the accessability page on the Tory website, which features a lovely big W3C XHTML 1.0 approved button, throw up 15 XHTML errors? The homepage is worse, with 37 errors. It’s to be applauded that an organisation as out-of-touch as the Tories should try and build a standards-compliant, validating website, but should they not ensure that their code actually validates before actively boasting about it? At least the Labour Party homepage validates, although this doesn’t excuse the fact that they’ve behaved like a reprobate band of cock-sucking warmongers since taking power.

And that’s all the politics you’ll be getting from me this election. Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing some of my own cooking.

Update 31.03.05: All the code now validates. All hail the power of weblogs, and kudos to the Conservative webmaster for acting.


  1. so you’ll not be downloading the tories useful toolbar I take it…

  2. As hard as I might , I have found no XHTML errors on the website….. guess that just takes a special kind of computer to do that !!!

  3. You’re quite right. Hooray! They fixed the errors. I have forced the tories to act. This is why the UK is such a perfect democracy. Marvellous.

  4. Just wait till the dratted Tory hordes catch up with you; I just checked and there are eight validation errors on your own page. So there! However, I think your manifesto, should you care to publish one, would probably be heaps better than any of our current political options. :))

  5. You’re right, and they’re now fixed. Weirdly enough, the problem was not with my coding, but with one of the WordPress plugins I use to supposedly clean up this kind of thing. Any other errors that appear from time to time are in the external rss feeds I use, which I have no control over.