yahoo 360

Yahoo launched Yahoo 360 in beta today. It’s their new blogging/photo sharing/social networking thing. It does some clever stuff and some dull stuff. If anyone wants can invite, leave a comment.


  1. Hey there Fraser,
    I’d much appreciate an invite… Hope everything is going well for. I still greatly enjoy reading your blog, and I am still constantly amazed at how many new “blogjams” pop thier little heads up all the time…
    You take care…


  2. I would love an invite…. and do you think asking for a white chocolate cheesecake is going too far? How about the recipe? As a kid I once ate nothing but cheesecake on a trip with the family units to San Fran. Solid cheesecake and sugar goodness!

  3. I’d like one if you still have any going spare. Ta.

  4. All done. And here’s the recipe:

    200g Digestives
    100g Butter
    125g castor sugar
    578ml carton cream
    4 egg yolks
    2 egg whites
    4 leaves gelatine
    200g cream cheese
    125g white chocolate

    1. Melt white chocolate
    2. Break up digestives into crumbs, mix with melted butter, press into
    9″ springform lined with grease-proof paper, refrigerate.
    3. Mix egg yolks, cream cheese and sugar until smooth
    4. Take 100ml of the cream and heat gently. Do not let boil. Remove from
    5. Add the gelatine leaves to the heated cream and leave for a few
    minutes, then stir until mixture is smooth (it’s easiest if you break up
    the galantine leaves first). If you get any lumps, put back over heat
    and stir rapidly. Don’t let the mixture burn.
    6. Whip the rest of the cream until it forms soft peaks.
    7. Fold melted chocolate into cream mix.
    8. Whisk egg whites until stiff.
    9. Stir gelatine mix into egg, cheese and sugar mix.
    10. Add this to cream mix.
    11. Add egg whites.
    12. Stir until lovely and smooth.
    13. Pour over biscuit base.
    14. Whack in fridge. Pukka.
    15. Leave to chill for at least four hours.
    16. Eat.


  5. I wouldn’t say no, ta.

  6. Done. Or perhaps you meant that you wouldn’t say no to my cheesecake.

  7. I’d love one, I’m ready to murder myspace

  8. Thanks for the invite. Even more thanks for the recipe! Yum.

  9. Hey, if there’s any way I could get an invite, it would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Rawk. Thank you!

  11. Should you have a spare, I’d be interested…

  12. Done. Good to have you back again.

    *does a little dance*

  13. Go on then, I’ll go and have a podgers at it.

    Nice one!

  14. hi dude, i would like to have an invite :)

    thanx so much


  15. i would love an invite. thanx-a million!!!


  16. I would love an invite. Very appreciated your kindness help !


  17. Looking for an invite to yahoo 360. if you have any left ta.
    catching up on my reading 2 weeks behind.

  18. Can I get an invite please?