knife warning

If blogjam were to operate a ‘daily tips’ service, this would be today’s pearl of useful wisdom: if you’ve been out drinking all night, don’t open that box containing the carving knife you’ve just bought off eBay. Those Global blades are really quite sharp.


  1. I love my Global. It’s shiny, sexy, ultralcool, and very bloody expensive. Did you buy one of those diamond edge steels to keep it nice and sharp with ?

  2. Not yet, but I shall be getting one. Mine wasn’t too expensive – about 20% of retail via eBay. Bargain.

  3. Show us all a picture then. Come on. COME ON.

  4. Are we gonna have another ‘name my scar(s)’ competition?

  5. So the answer is to make black pudding – should you have cut yourself. Or make one anyway to accompany your raised pork pie.

  6. No more spam, man!