blog-jam sham

It’s been a while since I found another blogjam, but today I stumbled across one featuring “Irreverent Reveries” by “award-winning journalist, historian and progressive activist” Jamakaya. Blog-jam (note the clever hyphenation) appears to be a rather short-lived affair, starting in March 2005 and most recently posted to just over a month later. That’s the problem with these activists, you see. No bloody commitment.

One day I’ll hold a convention, where all these charlatan blogjams will be forced to wrestle each other in suet. I’ll sit on a golden throne watching the competition unfold. You can all come. It’ll be ace.


  1. Count me in, as long as it’s not vegetarian suet.

  2. That’s it, smite those unbelievers, smite them good.

  3. He’s only gone and filled his with “news”, no sign of a giant scotch egg anywhere! He didn’t even try!