me on threadless

I like the threadless t-shirt site a lot. The standard of design is generally very high, submissions are often extremely witty, and with the exchange rate being what it is at the moment, it’s possible to order several items and have them shipped to the UK without breaking the bank. I also like the idea of anyone being able to upload their own design and, if reaction is positive enough, that image being made into a shirt that people can actually buy. It’s a great community, and it’s fun.

Which is where you come in. I have no artistic ability, of course, but that hasn’t stopped me trying to muscle in on this hot clothing action. You can see a sneak preview of my feeble, childish, retarded brushwork above, and by following this link here, yes, this one right here, you can vote for my submission, which is something I suggest you do straight away. You will have to register, but it’ll be worth it to see geeky teens across the globe dressed in my handiwork, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Update: After 100 votes, the average score for my design was 1.49, just a tenth of a point off where I needed to be to carry on in the competition. Instead, I’ve been consigned to the archive. Binned. Rejected. Eliminated. Forgotten. Discarded. Shunned. Cast aside. Jilted.

I’m devastated.


  1. I’m sure someone must know of a little ginger kitten, with say, arms waving? No.. ?, say if there were 4 of them like a Warhol screen print. I have seen this picture somewhere, and I want it T-shirted. Can you help?

  2. Thanks. I like yours too. I must look into obtaining the ‘transfer paper’ of which you speak. Is the resultant shirt washable?

  3. Yes they are washable in cool temp. The tshirts are not the most robust, but will last ok if you take care to put them in the tumbler shortly after printing (this further seals the print into the shirt).

    Also, the great thing about transfer paper is that you can draw stright onto it with felt tip pens and iron that on (only you have to draw a mirror image which can be headwork!)

  4. I like that froggy design very much.

  5. Thanks! Send me a ├é┬útenner and I’ll print you a t-shirt :-)

  6. Fraser, I’ve been screenprinting my own tshirts – it’s a bit more work and only one colour at the moment, but they are very washable.

    Plus you get to make a huge mess :)

  7. I’ve used Cafepress before, but they only do white t-shirts. Boo.

  8. Hamish in Tunbridge Wells

    The husband of one of my workmates is the creative director of Chunk – – send me a decent eps of your design. You never know.

    The Hamester

  9. I like your website ,and like to communicate with everyone on this issue!