a twerp

Note to self 1)
Next time you’re abroad, pay much closer attention to your travel itinerary. This will enable you to successfully arrive at the railway station in time for the correct train back to London, without incurring a cost of €120 to get a ticket for the next departure.

Note to self 2)
When one of the reasons you leave the country is to get the stamp enabling you to stay in the UK transferred from your old passport to your new one when returning through immigration, check that the law didn’t change 18 months ago, meaning that this kind of renewal doesn’t take place any more, and instead you have to apply to the Home Office and pay £160 for a ludicrously bureaucratic, may-take-up-to-14-weeks-and-ruin-your-holiday-plans alternative.

Still, Antwerp was a pleasure. A weekend of great company (thanks to Luba and his fine lady Anniek), rich pastries, strong coffee and pink marzipan pigs. Lovely.


  1. From what I’ve heard, UK immigration can be a pain to deal with. Am thankful I don’t have to bother about all that. Having said that, though, the one person I know who became a naturalised UK citizen only did so to make it easier for her to bugger off to New Zealand.

    Glad Antwerp was nice.

  2. OH, NO! Pink marzipan pig pork pies? Hmmmmm, I’m some what intrigued…..

  3. “Pink marzipan pigs” – I’ve not heard a better description of the British abroad.

  4. told you you should have got that UK passport while you still could. Marianne has one (pledging allegiance to the Queen and everything, though it was worth it for the London Borough of Islington souvenir paperweight she got) and it makes Euro travel quite a lot easier.

  5. I can still get a UK passport, but choose not to, partly so I can continue to complain aboout idiotic processes like this one safe from my position of lofty Commonwealth superiority. Plus we beat you at Rugby.

  6. I’m glad NZ wins at rugby because it’s a sport I cannot enjoy.

  7. Hey,
    Never realised you was a fellow Kiwi! (the cows grass looks like home tho)
    My dads a whinging pom and mums a genuine New Zealander, I got a passport from each ;)