tash on delivery

Outside my office, just now.


  1. Is he standing on an air vent in a bizarre Amos-From-Emerdale flavoured attempt to relive that famous Marilyn Monroe pose?

    (P.S. £35 for 24hrs parking’s a bit steep!!)

  2. Haha. I wondered if anyone would notice those prices. Central London parking is ludicrously expensive.

  3. He looks as if he has a young lady tied to a railway track somewhere.

  4. Don't_Drive_On_The_Pavement

    Poor guy. It’s not a moustache, it’s a sticky sling of grey webbing holding him prisoner against the side of the multistorey carpark. And he’s straining, straining towards the camera to get free.

  5. Ha ha haaaaaa! Grey Webbing!

  6. Hello!
    I’ve been reading throgh your blog while my mother was fixing steak for lunch. My mother’s a hell of a cook. She won’t take criticism, and her steak is like nothing i’ve seen before. I mean she is unable to make it right. She’s been going for it for a week now. I am in a vegetable state. That is surviving on potatoes and stuff I find in the fridge despite the plentiful lunches and leftovers for supper. My family is in urgent need of culinary first aid and I understand you will be able to help. Maybe this is too little a job for you but suppose you could comment some hints or links on the subject(‘the perfect steak’). THis could even turn out to be to your most successful post.

  7. Forget clamping….They have spiderman enforcing parking now :-)
    I haven’t seen a tash like that since the good old days of working near edgware road. The handlebar moustache club is based in the Windsor castle there and we happened to be eating thai curry on a meeting night. I didn’t know where to look.

  8. ike: Steak is one of the simplest thing to get right, and one of the easist to get wrong. A million different cooks will provide a million different recipes, and I don’t believe any one is necessarily better than any other, but this works for me:

    1. It’s gotta be the best meat you can afford. Sirloin or fillet, of decent quality.

    2. Let the meat rest for at least 10 minutes before you cook, out of its packaging and out of the fridge.

    3. Heat a pan till it’s hot, almost smoking – and use a minimal amount of fat. I prefer groundnut oil. If possible, use a griddle pan.

    4. Season the meat with salt and pepper to taste.

    5. Throw the meat into the pan. Let it cook for a minute, then turn, cook a little more, then turn the heat right down and cook until you’re happy.

    6. Eat rare, or rare/medium at a push. Overdone steak is a waste of all that is great about meat – the tenderness, the juice, the resultant succulance, the scent of blood in one’s nostrils.

    7. And this is important: Let the meat rest for ten minutes before eating. This is vital, as it allows the juices to be reabsorbed and be redistributed, resulting in a much more consistant end result. You can cover the meat during this bit if you’re worried about the temperature dropping, but it shouldn’t really be an issue. Again: this bit really makes a difference.

    8. Ignore what I suggest and find a method that works for you.

  9. There’s something about prodding the base of your thumb, with your thumb in differing positions, in order to approximate the feel of rare, medium and well-done meat.

    Unfortunately I can’t remember the positions to put your thumb in.

  10. That’s a great tache, I’m going to start growing one right away.

  11. Where are you find this super man ? :)))

  12. You know that film, “theres something about Mary”. Well I think Cameron Diaz and this chap have a hair product in common.

  13. I thought they only did beards and moustaches like that in India.

  14. Maybe he was out there, in the Raj, what what? Spot of tiffin, old chap. etc.

  15. I’m getting bored Fras, where’s your next item of entertainment? It’s been 7 days.

  16. Hamish in Tunbridge Wells

    No post in a week? What has become of young Fras’ ?? Or has the leftover bush meat got to him . . . ?

  17. Has Mr Moustache spirited him away? What nefarious deeds could he have in mind?

  18. I’m still here. My muse appears to have temporarily abandoned me, but I’m sure normal service will return sooner rather than later.

  19. Hamish in Tunbridge Wells

    >>My muse appears to have temporarily abandoned me

    Lucky you – can’t stand the bloody band, personally – poor man’s Radiohead, if you ask me. And I don’t even like Radiohead, either – “titanic Glasto performance” or not.

  20. I saw this man on the train from London to Edinburgh this morning. I’m not joking. Scared the shit out of me.

  21. No need for a muse. It’s boring moments like this that you need to slip out the identity of the mystery spice girl.

  22. that is an uncomfortable distance beyond wrong

  23. Crikey. That _is_ rather disturbing.

  24. Heaven preserve us

  25. ‘Best of all, Hannah is constructed and weighted so you can pose her almost any way you can think of! ‘


  26. Its the “open-mouth smile” that worries me.

  27. Mmmm yes well! Moustaches that long will always makes me think of how un-hygenic they must be, you know, bits of food stuck in them (and god only knows what else?) uuurrrgghhhh, not too bad if they are put up in those silly hair net things but then what would be the point of having one that long if you can’t show it off???

  28. Linda,
    “what would be the point of having one that long if you can\’t show it off???”

    could easily be misinterpreted.

  29. that link is very wrong…