cats in sinks

Great news: I made a new thing.

Once again it’s cat-related, this time highlighting a particular fetish that our feline friends seem to have. Or maybe it’s a fetish of mine. This is an increasingly grey area.

I hope it delights you. It’s called Cats in Sinks.

Incidentally, I should point out that Rob, the flamed-haired despot behind b3ta, had precisely the same idea more than two years ago, but failed to act on this rare moment of glittering genius. My version, obviously superior to his childish sketchings, simply took a little longer to conceive.


  1. incidentally i came up with the ostrich egg scotch egg.
    you are welcome to come over to my ‘puter and look at

  2. Do the blue and pink borders around the cats indicate verified genders, or are they purely aesthetic?

  3. They’re just pretty colours, innit.

  4. Last night, sitting with Rob as he desperately searched his harddrives to prove his point was greatly amusing.

    Hooray for cats in sinks.

    The last photo of my cat Jess is of him in the sink. He spent his last 3 days there. We didn’t have the heart to move him.

  5. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Things you never, ever want to hear from your wife, ever again: “I think the cat needs a bath”.

  7. Not liking cats much i must confess that it delighted me somewhat.
    I love the cat sleeping i the sink clasping a beer bottle -we’ve all been there.

    Is there a story behind 1st column 9 down? His little face looks hideous and full of fear.

  8. Fras, where on earth do you get these images?

  9. Hi, I am Mikes Dad. No water in any sink! My Burmese thought it was fab and now has gone to investigate my sink, drat I can’t shave now….


  10. My cat likes sinks, but he likes chasing his tail in the bath quite a lot more.

  11. I love this site. My friends and I wish you put the cats’ names alongside their pics, so we can say, “oh I really liked such-and-such” picture.
    What a great site!

  12. These photos are sooooo cute!!!!! Thanks for making my day! I’m gonna share with my 8 grandchildren. They’ll love it. Cats are neat.

  13. Hold on what’s this slander I hear against Dogs in Cars…?

  14. Dog in Cars is a great concept no doubt about, but half the time I can’t even see the dogs in the cars! Jerome I notice that is your shot on the current frontpage of the site. Don’t get me wrong, it;s a great shot composition-wise – but where’s the dog?!?! ;)

  15. Nitzer Ebb? I have their debut 12″ single. Waste of vinyl. Hope they got better.

  16. CATS IN SINKS!!!!!

    i can’t stop saying that outloud.

    CATS IN SINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so happy to find this site.

  17. Anamik: The thing is, the site started just showing what I’d call candid shot, where it’s all about the thrill of the chase. So sometimes, the dogs aren’t all that clear, but I guarantee you there is ALWAYS a dog there. The composition might be cruddy but when you’re driving and photographing at the same time, I’m afraid the art sometimes goes out of the window (which is where happy accidents sometimes occur too). Sometimes people complain that yes, they can’t see the dogs.

    On the flipside, we also post a lot of pictures that people sent in, where they’re obviously set up or posed – their own dogs in their own car. I get just as many complaints about those photos, because they’re a very easy route to take the site.

    I must admit I prefer the former.

  18. What a fun, cute site! Thank you for the grins. Simple, clean site and a great idea.

  19. fluff overload!!!

  20. Adorable. I didn’t want the pix to end…

  21. AWESOME ! Completely MAGNIFICENT ! Please add more, more, more………..

  22. Just Great. I would love some more. Keep up the good work.

  23. I want to see the taps turned on.

  24. A big resounding AWWWWWWWWWW from me! I have to try and get a picture of my kitten in the sink so you can add it. She likes to dig at the overflow hole, it’s like she’s going to find some great treasure LOL. Love the site! :)

  25. These are SOOO Cute! Thank you!

  26. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    How cute?
    My cats have given up sitting in the sink and have taken up pissing in the bath-classy.

  27. “Cats in sinks”. Is that a serving suggestion?

  28. Dear People:

    It’s always the most obvious ideas that are overlooked. Glad you could realize that and grab you a good one. And while all cats do not look alike – even around porcelain – it is remarkable how many of the cats you’ve dredged up look like mine.

    All cats do look alike to dogs – unless they’re just letting on.

    Thanks for the most comprehensive portfolio of its kind!


    Brett Busang

  29. Of course, as a person owned by cats, I too have a fabulous photo of one in a sink, she’s a black Maine Coon, and overflows the bowl elegantly. Can I send you her picture for inclusion on your terrific page?

  30. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Charming! Had no idea how many cats (besides ours) hang around in the sink. This was great fun to look through……thanks!

  32. lol that is SOOO cute! my cat does the same, cept he doesn’t SLEEP in the sink he wants FRESH water from the sink… :)

  33. How can I submit a great “cats in sinks” picture?? :)

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a warm fuzzy experience. Great idea!

  35. Really, so cute. ^_^

    LOVE the kitties that take up the entire sink.

    Thanks for making my day filled with cuteness.

  36. Absolutely precious!!! I love it!


    PS I have 3 cats of my own and YES they like the sinks.

  37. Cool. After all you have to wash the cats before you eat them. You never know where they might have been.

  38. nice, you don’t need a reason. how about cats in more peculiar locations…its not a fetish…

  39. hahaha Glad to see my cats aren’t the only ones with a sink fetish!

  40. Always thought my cat was a freak when she used to do that. Much relieved and now a bit nostalgic for her kitty sink days

  41. Wow! and I thought one of our cats was strange for having an obsession with the kitchen sink. Your site makes it look quite normal.

  42. I have the ultimate cat in sink picture on my website here you can go there and look at it and even take it for your site if you like. It positively wee’s over cat in sink picture I’ve ever seen, it even comes with a cat song! send me an email please if you want to use it cos id like to come back here and see it up there with the best of them.

  43. Yes… YES!

    It’s all starting to make sense now! Brilliant!

  44. Love these pictures. What an amazing aray of sinks too. Why would someone have a lighter on the sink? Surely you can’t smoke and clean your teeth at the same time?

  45. Thats just loads of pics of the same cat, but re-painted.

  46. i don’t care what you all say man, i was there man, back in danang in 68, man, you weren’t there man i was and i never saw you

  47. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…
    Teh fluff, it is too much, I am melting……

  48. Would like to see same on cats in tubs. My boy’s too big for the sink, spends much time in the tub.

  49. one of ‘the flame haired…’, thanks.

  50. Fab!!! My cat loves the bath,so maybe that’s next.

  51. Best. Website. Ever….

  52. Love the kitties. They make me smile.

  53. Absolutely wonderful pix!

  54. These are fabulous! I am printing them out and putting up the pictures in my classroom.

  55. those were just awesome pictures..

  56. i love your website.had horrible,horrible day traveling back from weekend with parents and you’ve made me smile.

  57. So sweet!!! This brought back a lot of memories of some wonderful pets. Absolutely adorable. :)

  58. soooooooooooooo cute

  59. adorable thank you

  60. soooooooooooooo cute

  61. So adorable.
    I have a photo of one of my kitties in a sink. I would love to see it here!!

  62. Awwwwww, how wonderful! I enjoyed looking at all these funny cats immensely, many thanks! The only place that my cat Sooty likes to go in the bathroom is in the bath!! he loves licking the water that is left where the plug goes in!!!! lol.

  63. Too cute and too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  64. love this ! many hugs — keep going keep sending more –

  65. Cats are the cutest freakin’ things on the planet. …and the most bwildering. Generally don’t like water – love to curl up in things that hold water.

    Excellent site. If I ever get one of mine in a sink on camera – I would love for you to have it!

  66. I just wanted to say: Thank You for publishing these awesome cat pictures in the sink.!!
    These are sooooo great and I am soooo fortunate to have been able to see these !!.
    Thank You for sharing. These pictures are very uplifting when one is feeling a little down.

  67. I thought my cat was crazy because she sleeps in the sink ALL the time. Now I know she is normal, well, as normal as a cat can be.

  68. This is just TOO adorable! For some reason, my cat prefers drawers to sinks.

  69. Wow. This site is ridiculous. Cute…but nonetheless ridiculous.

  70. I’d buy stock in this site.

  71. This site made my day. Thanks, truly.

  72. I love cats in sinks. Other people’s cats in other people’s sinks, that is. When my cats are in my sink, I don’t love cats in sinks.

  73. This is the most adorable site I have had sent to me by my girlfriend who also loves cats. These photos are awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to put these all on the site.

    It is the nicest thing i have seen in a long time

  74. What an adorable site! May I submit my cat-in-sink photographs?

  75. These pictures are fabulous! I love them! :-D


  77. http://www.soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!(and funny)

  78. Thank you for providing the public a service such as cats in sinks. I know I don’t feel like maiming anyone anymore, now that i’ve seen the wonderful Cats.

    Seriously, this is so cute and awesome.

  79. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  80. Awww, how sweet. Thanks!

  81. FLUFFEH OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!1111

    excellent site. very calming. :)

  82. Very cute indeed!!!!!!!

    Gotta love them kitties!!!!

  83. how many cutiiiiiiies :))) love `em all !

  84. Love these pics! I will for sure share them with my list. Good Job! I wanted to see more! How do you submit new pics?

  85. LOVE THE SITE! Great pics

  86. Awwwww! They are gorgeous! I have 6 cats but only one of them is fond of the sink. What a lovely site, really cheers one up. Thank you!

  87. Some of the situations I recognize from home. Especially the cat who sits in the sink trying to drink from the tap. Nice pictures!

  88. aaaaah…. i want a kittie now!

  89. ok im a dog person.. my wifes a cat person and shes going to love it but i still cant help but think
    “wheres the on button for the insinkerator?” :P

  90. Turn the taps on!

  91. None of those cats is wet! Don’t they understand what the sink is for?????

  92. cats are unfair in how cute they can be

  93. Awww this website is so cute. I am passing it onto my friends.

  94. So charming…..but I have a concern. So many sinks seem to be duplicates with different cats. How many cats does the photographer house? OR! Or, are they being kidnapped (catnapped LOL) and forced to become photographers models in some illicit cat sex thing.
    Anyway, thanks…..they are great to look at.

  95. Aww they are all stunning!!

  96. Thanks for this site. Not only are the pictures of cats adorable, the fact that someone has collated a site exclusively devoted to cats in sinks gives me obscure cause for celebration. It makes me feel positively joyful.

  97. these are stupendous. i don’t own cats but i love animals, some of my friends have cats so i will be forwarding these to them to enjoy.

  98. Real cute pictures. It is hard to believe that one could be able to get that many pictures of a cat in a sink. This something to really get your attention.

  99. I thik Hannah and Britney really enjoyed the ca in a sink also.

  100. Cool cats….

  101. These are wonderful! My cat, Clyde, also likes to rest in the bathroom sink. And here I thought he was the only one!

    Judy Coleman

  102. Thanks – these photos are a hoot! I’ve never seen one of my cats in a sink, and I can’t imagine getting them to stay there long enough to snap a picture…

  103. It’s obvious that some of these cats have not noticed that they have outgrown their sink, and continue to enjoy it, even though their sink runneth over.

  104. The Goat of Strathyre

    What about cats in baths?
    Our Charlie likes the bath better than the sink.

  105. I really loved these pics they remind me of when my lil cat would do that but now hes just to old and hurts to bad but it brought back those wounderful memories

  106. genius!
    absolute genius!

  107. Neat website.

  108. Thank you for a wonderful website :)

    The cats are really cute :D

  109. The pics are fantastic!

    My cat Jinky loves sleeping in the bathroom sink! :-)

  110. thanks for this fabolous, fantastic site!
    i just found out how much i still love cats–

    fucking beatiful and funny creatures–keep it up!

  111. Hi,

    what a wonderful site, sure it warms the heart to see so many fine felines enjoying a new use for the humble piece of bathroom/kitchen ware.

    ps. tried to get my cat to try this at home, but no way= she prefers more conventional sleeping arrangements.


  112. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  113. Absolutely too adorable.

  114. Great! Wish I had a digital version of the picture of my cat in the toiletbowl… Or does this not apply for ‘cats in sinks’?

  115. Pure adorable cats…

  116. What great pictures.

  117. I thought this woudl be just another wet pussy site but the fact that youve caught these beauties just before the fact is so much more erotic!

  118. How adorable. I am still smiling.

  119. Awrrrrr, they arrrrrrre zoooooooo cuuuutez !

  120. Omg so cute. T__T I’d link a picture of my own cat, but she doesn’t seem to like sinks much.

  121. OMG – my kitten is on this page. LOL

  122. These are just wonderful.

  123. I have a great cat picture for you! My cat is 23 lbs and loves to lay in the sink too.. except he spills over the edges, and takes about 10 minutes to weasel himself under the faucet to even fit into the sink..

  124. This website is soooooooooooo cute (after all, everything with cats is cute)!

  125. 153 comments?

    Nice work.

  126. i love this website. my younger cat (Sammy) loves the bathroom sink, and if i turn the water on in there then he will stick his head under the faucet. he loves getting wet. i though that would make him easy to give a bath to, but he hates the shampooing part. he trys to leap over the shower door. he gets really high too. about to my shoulders, now i’m not perticularly tall but i’m around 5 feet. that’s high for a cat as short legged as he is.

  127. I have a photo of my cat in the sink if you want another to add.

  128. FANTASTIC! I think I have seen everyone of my cats in this collection – there are six of them – yet none has taken a-sink. Thank you for putting you this web site to share the sinkers with the world.

  129. thank you so much. i love this.

  130. Cats are awesome!!!!!

  131. I particularly like the big cat/small sink combo

  132. That is the cutest collection of kitty shots I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you!!

  133. Man, that is sooooo cute!!! Glad you posted these :o)

  134. i loea ca ts

  135. What is it with cats and sinks?

  136. Hi – I have had cats all my life and for many years 6 at once until they all passed on due to age. It is so true! Almost every single one of them loved the bathroom sink!

    Some were more fascinated that others with water or a dripping faucet, but primarily it was snuggle up in the sink and sleep.

    You have some great photos here! I know cat lovers everywhere will appreciate this website and all the photos shared.

    Thanks for creating another “good website” for the internet.

    Best wishes,

    Evening Rain

  137. That was my comment!

  138. Beautiful pictures

  139. This is the best web site ever!!!!

  140. Cats In Sinks Totally Rocks My World.


  141. Teh fluff! TEH FLUFF!!!!

  142. Great pics! when can we expect to see more?

  143. I love those cats. My cat likes to rest in the sink while I take my bath. I wonder if I will ever be old enough to take my bath by myself?

  144. This site is excellent! Thank you.

  145. This is so freaking adorable. Thanks.


  146. Thats the cleanest lot of Puss I have ever seen.
    What a great site you have here.
    I wonder if anyone does Dogs in gardens or something similar ?

  147. Obviously, that is a lot of sinked cats. Love it!

  148. wat a beast of a site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. This website has singlehandedly ruined my life.

  151. How adorable! I absolutely love the pictures! Thank you!!!

  152. Very sweet. Thanks.

  153. Such a pretty cats! I love these pictures and your site!!

  154. beautiful!!!! thank you !!!

  155. Awesome site. How pleasant, you rock.

  156. love the pictures, thanks for the laughs
    and my 4 cats loved the pictures too

  157. Every single cat was hilarious…especially the one with the green eyes in the green sink! Thanks for an awesome time!

  158. I think the little gray kitten peeking over the edge of the sink is the cutest!

  159. I’ve bookmarked this site. This is very amusing.

  160. Oh bless!

  161. I have a cat who LOVES the sink. Where can I send my pictures of her to be put on this site?? I LOVE IT!!! Great job!

  162. Brilliant, adorable, silly cats in sinks. Love this site…so do my cats.

  163. Very cool page. Thanks.

  164. Very amusing. My German shepherd mix dog likes to lie in the shower, if that helps.

  165. Well I’ve seen IT ALL now…What adorable CATS in SINC XOXOXO

  166. Amazing pictures. I also have some pics of my cats in sinks – I thought they were unusual in wanting to sit there but apparently not! Aren’t they gorgeous – all of them!

  167. this is soooo cute/cool!!!


  168. lol! these are great! When does the calendar come out? :P

  169. Too cute for words!! Sorry that I just had my 13- year- old cat’s cancerous eye removed by surgery. She wouldn’t look very cute sitting in the sink or any where else for that matter!!

  170. When I first heard of “Cats In Sinks,” I thought they were saying, “Pets in Bins”

  171. Great pix! Thanks for a great page.

  172. Hmmm, very hot!

  173. its so cute! i have five cats and i will show them for sure!!

  174. I love these pictures! Keep up the good work. =D

  175. OK, this is a little creepy. Such a 1997 Internet kind of thing to do… like I expect to get this e-mail containing cats from every girl I know.

  176. These pics are GORGEOUS! I think you should run a competition/poll for the best 3 pics here, I know which ones I would choose. :-) Number them from 1 to however many and see what happens, maybe you could even do a calender with some of these on them and get advertising dollars from the companies who make sinks. Just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing these with us all. God Bless you


  177. God I love you. You are blessed. My cat is shit and eats mice and so does my other cat. But these cats rule.

  178. HI!

    This is just too cool!! My cats seem to prefer the bathtub.
    Loved the pix!!


  180. These pictures were great. I saw my 3 cats in a few of the pics. Thanks for sharing,,,,,

  181. Great pics! Thanks!

  182. Oh em gee. I love this site! It’s A-mazing! Cats. In sinks. BRILLIANT! You just brought brief amusement into the life of this bored college student!

  183. I think this is one of the cutest websites I have seen and I can relate as I have a few picks of my cat in the sink as well…

  184. had no idea cats liked sinks so much!! I have a new cat, may just pop her in the sink and take a pic too!

  185. What a wonderful idea! Definitely marketable!! Those cats are all so adorable!

  186. Awesomely cute :). Thanks a lot!

  187. How cute! How do you post your own pics of cats in sinks? I’ve got one! A pic… not a cat. Unfortunately my 2 yr old cat Jack got killed last Thursday :’o(

  188. This site was such a surprise! My cat Agatha died 5 years ago and I still often “see” her in my sink half-opening the eyes asking me to leave her alone in that cosy nest…

  189. i am most pleased to find people using productive ways to invigorate peoples creative juices-your cat in sink idea is top notch 8.9/10

  190. Mary Alice Thompson

    i think im pregnant with my neighbours cat…

  191. i love cats AND SINKS this totally great

  192. That’s sick!

  193. these pictures are a riot..!!!!
    what a great idea to collect and post them….LOL

  194. STUNNING !!!! really made my day !!!! :)


  196. Woo that was so cool yeah!

  197. What beautiful pictures! My cat Mitzi used to sit in the sink too, and drink from the tap. Thank you for sharing with us.

  198. I thought that it was only my cat Luna that liked sleeping in the sink.She also likes to drink from the tap.I also have pictures of her in the bathtub!What silly animals cats are!

  199. We love this site! Heard about it on Southern FM the Cat’s Radio Station!
    This has got to be about the best and cuties web site I did ever see!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  200. D’awww, arn’t they the sweetest?

  201. One of the cutest sites online! Thanks for the smiles!

  202. Lol, cute, funny and a great way to waste my time – thanx!

  203. OMG!! so cute i can’t stand it!!

  204. Has to be the cutest website I have seen for a while!

  205. wow, the cutest website I’ve ever seen! :-)

  206. I thought it was only my cats that were that bonkers!!

  207. I had a cat that loved to sleep in the sink. I’m glad to know he wasn’t the only cat in the world that did that! Thanks for the cuteness and bringing back a happy memory of that sweet kitty.

  208. Good to know my cats aren’t the only freaks out there!

  209. I love them all, I think the sink is the only place that my cat has not been. Thanks for starting my day.

  210. How does one go about submitting a cat-in-sink-pic to your fabu website?

  211. Those are precious pictures. I have 3 cats that love sinks,
    basins, bathtubs, and will go in and get wet under a shower or under the dog, when he gets a bath.

  212. Sooooooooooo Cute !!!!

  213. Awwwww! How can my sink cats join the fun?

  214. wtf, omfg, stupid noobs

  215. Omg!@ This is so delightfully random. Check out aswell :)

  216. Great idea! Pics are SSOOOOO cute!

  217. cute. nice. wonderful. sweet…
    well, it’s simply niedlich and zuckersüß!

  218. This page is adorable. I paint cats and the photos are sooooo inspiring. Thank you !

  219. strange, but kinda funny and cute. nice web.

  220. Too cute for words – spot on. I’ve never understand the feline fascination with porcelain sinks and tubs, but I’ve had several cats who loved them.

  221. This is one of the cutest things ever!!!! I’m so glad this page got forwarded to me. I will share it with all my friends….Thank you

  222. April van der Hoogt

    These are great. thank you, april

  223. This is just awesome. haha. A friend sent me this page and it put an instant smile on my face.

  224. I thought only my kitty liked hanging out in the sink! So glad to see she is not alone.

  225. The pics are absolutely gorgeous. I had 26 cats at one time, but never in my sink……

  226. this made me laugh the whole way through

  227. this haz no point it iz werid

  228. o ok THIS IZ TO WEIRD

  229. Heh. Beats hands down.

  230. great site and cute cats init

  231. Is there a place to submit pix?

  232. Very cute…..i’m passing it on to all my kitty friends.

  233. Nice. My cats have always loved the bathtub but none have every hung out in the sink.

  234. i love this site! – thanks

  235. Comment from France : absolutely fabulous !

  236. This is one of the cutest web sites I have ever seen! Congratulations, this is way too cute!


  238. OK so it’s obviously a cat thing going on here. Cats are the coolest creatures ever! My cats love walking along the side on the bath. Not yet found one in the sink. I will be telling my friends about this site.

  239. I have a picture of my cat in the sink, since she frequents it. Want it?

  240. Loved your pix but no Scottish Fold.

  241. And I thought only my cat was stupid enough to sleep in the sink….

  242. I wondered. Now I know.

  243. My cats prefer the toilet, but it was very cute.

  244. MORE!!!!!!!
    I’m hooked! And in love!!

  245. This is soo cute I’m about to pee myself.
    I Love This. Can I submit a pic?


  247. I love your cats in sinks site. You should definitely open it up to submissions a la Kitten War or Stuff on My Cat.

  248. This is beyond cute! I’m going to forward it to everyone. One of my own cats is quite the Sink Hog himself.

  249. What are the theories on why these little “CRITTERS” lOVE THE SINK???

  250. Those pics were great. My cat insists that I keep water in the bathroom sink for his thirst slacking.

  251. oh my god they are so cute… i want them… aww…

  252. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Interesting. Thanks for the great variety of cat pics. It looks like cats prefer bathroom sinks by a very large margin:

  254. Thank you for the pictures they really made me feel better. You know when you have some days that are so great! and someone sends you a great email like this one it made me smile and laugh I think it is great! thanks again :)


  255. I loved the kittens they are soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Oh my god! That is so cute, I love it. Makes me want to find the pics we have of our cats in the sink.

    Thanks for the smiles.


  257. What are the theories on why these little “CRITTERS” lOVE THE SINK???

    Because it’s cool (temperature-wise)?

    I don’t think I have any pics of my Opus actually *in* the sink. He loves to drink from the tap, though.

  258. That is awesome! And everyone thinks their cat is unique for the whole sink thing.

  259. It is a far better thing to see a cat in a sink than to read the news. A friend sent me your URL; I have passed it along. It takes a cat person to understand another cat person. My male cat RADAR loves to lie in the bathtub: does that count as a “sink” or will it require another web page?

  260. And I thought my cat was just being weird….it looks like it’s the norm for cats to hang out in sinks!

  261. Cute idea. Until I started seeing the Google Ads. So was this just a cute hack, or are you making real money off of this?

  262. stick an advert at the bottom of the page and you’ll make some money, you look like you’re getting enough visitors for it :P

    Pretty strange idea for a site but cute i guess….

  263. I love your site. I just wanted to say how great it is. Thanks for making my day.

  264. I LOVE THIS!!! My kitty loves sinks also!

  265. Cutest fucking thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

  266. Disgusting………………………………ly cute. My cat also prefers the bathtub.

  267. OOOOOOOOOOkkkkkkkkkkkkk, interesting……..?

  268. Awesome site, man. Definitely fun to just view when you’re having a bad day. I saw this on G4 by the way. Keep up the great work!

  269. Awesome. I love cats and in the sink is even cuter.

  270. OMFG!!!!!! there sooooo cute!!!!!! i wanna squezzzzze them till there eyes pop out!!!!!

  271. These pictures are so adorable. They remind me of my calico that always slept in the bathroom sink. I don’t know what there is about sinks that cats love. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Love and Blessings. Johnnie

  272. Tomorrow morning I’m going to post your website on my blog( Everyone should see this website because it is too cute for words.

  273. Wonderful idea!

    I love cats. Anything they do, it’s too cute. Had a good laugh over the pics.

    One of my cats used to do that. It’s so adorable!!!

    My other cat loves to go into the tub whenever we’re doing our business. Will you make a page of cats in bathtubs? :)

  274. this is a great site! it kept me very amused for a short while which doesnt happen to often. :)

  275. SOOO CUTE!!

  276. I didn’t want the pictures to end!

    Cats are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!

  277. Pierre of Woolworth

    cats in wellies?

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    There should be a law against kittens being allowed in photographs. They should be regulated in the same way as any other mind-altering substance.

  279. This was absolutely the greatest…….having rescue cats who also love the sink I found this so funny and true.

  280. Cats in Sinks made my Monday. I absolutely love all the pictures! I had a cat that would get into our bathroom sink, and took a picture of her. But this was before I had a digital and a while before we lost her. I sure miss her. In fact, on the side of the sink is a faint outline of her paws as she slid down the cabinet.
    It’s been 4 years and I haven’t completely scrubbed them off. I know, I know…. ill huh? The rest of my bathroom is clean I assure you. I just can’t bring myself to wipe her prints off.

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  298. I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the cutest sites on the web. I love to see that there are other people out there who love their silly cats as much as I love mine. I have a siamese named Yoshi and a 27 pound bobtail named Salem, and they love the sink and the tub. Cute stuff, thanks for being online.

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    God Bless them all!!

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  308. Thanks for revealing the full panoply of feline sink aficionados! My Siamese Taj likes to play “the water game” as I complete my morning toilette. While sitting in the sink, he sticks his face under the faucet and I turn the water on and off unexpectedly and at differing pressures–he can’t get enough!
    But I must say, I have never seen so many ugly sinks in one place at one time!

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    That’s the only way she drinks water.
    I love your site, keep up the good work.
    Nice Meow.

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    I think it’s a den thing. Dogs would do it if (1) they could get up there by themselves and (2) it occurred to them that they could lie in the sink for lounging, not bathing purposes. Heck, my kids would do it if they could fit. Instead, they hide under the laundry basket and in the towel cabinet. Same thing.

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  327. These photo’s are just beautiful and a delight to see someone else loves their four leggards friends as much as i do,
    Many thanks for the website,
    Pamela Baker

  328. These photo’s are just beautiful and a delight to see someone else loves their four leggards friends as much as i do,
    Many thanks for the website,
    Pamela Baker

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    R u on drugs or something? But hey, cool, tis much like my cat… they sleep inside an old gumboot and one of them loves paper bags

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    Well done.

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    This is what the internet was meant for.


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    My cat is scared to death when it comes to sinks and basins, so I won’t be able to take a picture like this of her

    Oh well, she’s a freak. Love her just the same

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  363. This may be my new favorite web page. Our tiger cat LOVES the sink, and will drink out of it if it’s left just drizzling. Our tux is way too fat to fit in the sink, and he’s terrified of the claw-foot tub, but used to hang out in our last apartment’s regular-sized tub. I think they like that it’s a cool surface they can cuddle in… unless you get mean and turn the water on full-force when they’re napping there!

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    Cute pics.. but I’ve never had a cat interested in sinks…am I weird… or are they??

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    (Meow meow, mieu, mieu, maaaao!!!)

    Ariel, Ares, Artemis & Aphrodite

    Human translation: Sinks & Bathtubs, COOLEST places in the house. WE LUV ‘EM!!! (Moms & babies in sinks is the coolest of all!!)

  370. Oh yes, I liked these! I go in the sink you know, I look very good in it. Mind you I’m a tabby, and tabby’s look good in anything. Would you like my sink photo too? My housemate Colonel Beau (retired) likes sticking his head down the loo – as did my previous housemate George, who was also a boy (perhaps loos are boy-things?), so if you ever do a photo gallery for cats and toilets I can send you photos of those too.
    Love and purrs to your furryheads, x x x
    Gemini (her tabby gorgeousness)

  371. Definitely the best website ever. I have had several cats over the years and many of them enjoyed lounging in the sink. It is fun to see them in pairs cozying in the sink.

  372. I’m posting a link to your page at my The Cat Arena ~ it’s on of the best Cat Site Lover’s & General Discussion Forum’s around :)

    Thanks for the great page!

    Come and join us if you’d like ~ BTW ~ I’d love to offer you an award for your labor of love, just go here and follow the instructions :)

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  377. My cat Bert lays in the bathroom sink every morning and at night when I take my shower. If you do not let him in he claws at the door and howles.

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  453. My cat doesn’t do the sink … but once we took in a cat who ran away from her home (they didn’t really treat her very well) … and she took dumps in our kitchen sink for a few weeks. That was actually pretty funny in retrospect. Especially since I wasn’t the one in the house who had to do the dishes.

  454. It’s the greatest site I’ve ever seen! :-) They’re so cute! I envy all these people that have cats in sinks, I’d love to have one too. My last cat got accidentally killed by my grandmother so I imagine you understand my grief.

    :P hehe


  455. Funny! Funny! Funny! Funny!! The cats are so cute! My cat prefers the bathtub though.

  456. Jan Brown, Farnham, UK

    Lovely pictures of gorgeous cats.
    Thank you, and best wishes from across the Pond

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  461. Hi! What a cute site. I have a picture of my cat in the sink. Can she be on your site, too? I know she would love it. heh

  462. I loved to look at all the cats in the sinks. I had one that did that. She was a calico cat and died of cancer. I still miss her. She slept under the covers with her head on the pillow. Just like a human

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  464. …and I thought it was only my cat that had a thing about sinks!!! Why do they think we buy them cat baskets at great expense!!!

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    I saw one that kind of looked like the cat I had. I had him
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  482. omg these cats are soooooooooo cute. I love them but I wish they had more pics thats just cats in the sink.

  483. Has anyone determined why cats like to do this?

    All the commercially manufactured cat beds/baskets generally have a flat suface with a curved wall for support and they are all, without exception, well padded and made of cloth. So why this preference for a ceramic sink?

    My Burman does exactly the same thing, only he chooses a large Antique Chinese ceramic bowl which was originally used for bathing, in other words a old sink! Go figure?

  484. Wow. Cats really seem to like sinks. I didn’t know.

  485. I love cats. I believe they love sinks because they are cool and clean. I just discovered this site thanks to Uncle Url. Thanks for posting the pics on this site.

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    who ever made this website, thank you. cause you’ve made me smile.

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  488. Note that all the cats are looking directly into the camera.

    Waaaay smarter than dogs–more engaging, more personality.

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  491. I want the 30 seconds I wasted here back.
    What the hell is the point of this site anyway?

  492. Wow, that was just TOO cute! I haven’t caught my cat in the sink, yet, but there might be a time that it happens. *{=)

  493. Very cute :))))

  494. My name is Kat and I’m a paws down cat lover! This is a super sight to see how many beautiful sweet faces love the sink for some comfortable relaxation and or a place to find a refreshing drink of water.

    My three cats Nosey, Jery and Muttareena have been in the bathroom sink a few times for a drink to remind me their water container is low.

    My favorite is #10 because he just looks too cute and he belongs to a dear friend. Number 50 the gray kitty is my second choice. Blessings,
    Kat :)

  495. Funniest gawddamn web site on the Internet!

  496. This is the most perfect website on the internet, I think.

  497. Cute! Bailey likes to nap in the sink, but I can never catch him with a camera.

    To Linda: cats like to be in anything they can curl up in, and sinks are nice and cool. Have you ever had too much to drink, and fallen asleep on the cold tile floor?

  498. The cats in sinks are ALL BEAUTIFUL! And just having visited the Staten Island animal shelter to drop off some winter bedding and having seen the beautiful cats and kittens they have for adoption (and I already have four of my own and cannot take another lovely, furry soul) I was so happy to see that all these beautiful cats in sinks have homes, and that is a great relief to me!

  499. When are you putting the funny comments under the photos?? I must have thought up a dozen and a half. Like where’s the real spa for my baby and me?

  500. these cats are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen I heard about your websight on the Edge a little while ago and i just ahd to come on.I’ve got9 cats of my own and we live in a super cool flat in los angles

  501. i have never seen soo many cats in sinks before!!
    i love it!

  502. i’d love to know the kitties’ names!!! precious!

  503. What’s not to love? Thank you for putting these up, so that they get shared with LOTS of people! My Sis Inlaw sent me this url. I love kitties, but I am allergic, so I love to see cute pictures of them…thanks again!

  504. I wish my cat loved sinks so I could submit a photo too…how delightful and funny they all are. Really enjoyed the photos.

  505. How utterly adorable. After a crummy week, this surely lifts my spirits. Thank you for publishing these pix.

  506. If you had a cats in toilets site, I could give you a bunch

  507. My cats don’t care about my sink but, they love to get fresh running water out of the tub faucet. Never mind the dish of water in the kitchen by their food. Personally if I was a cat with a fur coat on during a hot summer day I would wish for a sink to cool off in. Pretty cute.

  508. Loved them kitties! smiled and smiled ,

  509. What is it with cats and sinks? Is it because a sink essentially is a small round comfy bed for them to enjoy? or is it because they see their owners using sinks for things like brushing teeth, washing hands, etc? Maybe it’s because a sink is perfectly sized for a cat….you don’t see many dogs in sinks, do you? Maybe in tubs…

    As a completely dedicated kitten owner who loves to spoil and dote over them, I have to be grateful that we have two sinks in the same bathroom…so both Simon (our white Siamese) and LuLu (a brownie-colored kitten with a great personality) have their own sink to enjoy. We actually started turning on the water with them in the sink, and they loved it. They now use the sink to wash their paws and clean up. I am now considering training them to use the toilet instead of the litter box!



    Daniel & Pamela Moore
    Beloved Kitten Owners
    Seattle, WA

  510. Yay! Beatiful Images, Lots of variety, uncluttered!

    Boo: Low resolution, No credit to picture submitters.

    Rating: 4 minutes of euphoria.

  511. Wow! What a joy to look at these gorgeous creatures! I’m the owner of three totally different cats and everyday i enjoy the presence of them around me.

  512. Wow! Cool! I love your site!! I also love cats! :)

  513. Just love the cats they are so sweet thanks for posting them.

  514. i’m a cat lover. And i found your site sweet. It put a smile on my face. Thanks for the nice distraction in the middle of my day. MEOW…

  515. I’m sitting here in California at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday trying to find something to take my mind off my family in New Orleans who are stuck at their home. Well, you did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found the link on a blog site and followed it. There’s nothing I can do about the situation in New Orleans — so I’ll just work on keeping up the spirits of the rest of the family who are safe in Texas and out of harms’ way.

    Thanks again!!

  516. how god dam random like wow next i want to see cups coverd in hot sauce and toothpsate

  517. My cats love sinks , too. I didn’t know why.
    My hasband showed me this web site and I knew
    a lots of cats love sitting in the sink!
    They are all cute.

    Oneday, I was driving at night. I saw white small thing on the road.
    It was small baby cat.I stopped my car to chatch it.
    It has caught bad cold ant she has runnning nose and its eyes are
    full of tears. I brought her my house and I gave some milk.
    Nest day, I took her to Vet.
    Now she is getting well and eating foods too much.
    She will be sweet and pretty cat. I’ll try to some picturer and post it
    on your site. thank you.

  518. Sinks and Bathtubes?
    Sinks and Bathtubs. Those Italians can’t spell…

    Lovely site, by the way. We have four cats, and only one of them is a sink-dweller.
    Rob den Heijer,
    Maarssen, Netherlands.

  519. wow, on tour and hoprribly cat sick this made my day! thank you. will send you pics of ours when i return!

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  523. What great kitty pics. We have eight cats – four adults and four kittens, they have never slept in our sink, but they love snuggling down on our bed, doesn’t leave much room for us!!

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    one of our two cats love’s the sink, she starts to miauw when she sees you, then we have to turn on the water so she can play and drink.

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  535. I thought my Giovanni was the only one who loves the sink. He more prefers to drink from the faucet, but my other cat loves the tub. Nice to know they aren’t the only weirdos doing it!!

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    Superb site. Gotta love it!

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  551. The true purpose of the internet is as a means in which people can share pictures of their cats

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    Ann in Chicago

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    These cats are addddddddorable! Maybe you should have another page for “Cats in toilets”. Thats where my guy likes to hang around, given a choice.

  558. What a hoot! I submitted a picture of my deaf boy, Ambrose, in a sink with his foster friend, Angel. I foster for Cats Haven, a no-kill shelter in Indianapolis, and Ambrose loves the foster kittens. I hope ‘Brose’s picture can be added to the ones here. He’s such a dear guy . . . and he LOVES bathroom sinks!

  559. This is so cute! Thank you for the laugh. I can definitely relate to this, my cat loves to lounge in a sink!
    I find it funny when my cats sleep upside down with all their legs in the air…

  560. All are PRECIOUS !


  561. All are PRECIOUS !


  562. You will do all homeless cats a service by deleting the ads for breeders who sell puppies and kittens. How about links to Petfinder?

    Thank you.

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    I think the site is awesome and adorable. My favorite cat is the one that looks like a grey ewok with only it’s sulky head peering over the ledge of the pedestal sink.

    Where can I contribute pics of my own pride and joy?

    If I wasn’t a taken woman, I’d seriously think about dressing up like a giant pussycat and finding a giant sink and shagging the owner of this site (who looks good in a stetson).


  567. Loads of AWWWWW’s and OHHHHHH’s. How cute’s too. Thanks for sharing the collection….

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  571. Buster (i am a dog) loves these cats very much.
    I am too big for the sink! I go int a big bath…

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    Soooo cute!!
    Mine used to let the water drip on his nose and head for HOURS!

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    in there!!!!!! Love it!!!

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  581. Great pics! I have 3 cats but they all hate water soooo much they won’t get near a sink.

  582. Thought I’d better make it 667 comments . . . you know . . . just in case.


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  584. I just can’t figure out why a sink. The tub is so much more fun. Please consider giving fair time to dogs and puppies…maybe in the tub?!

  585. I just can’t figure out why a sink. The tub is so much more fun. Please consider giving fair time to dogs and puppies…maybe in the tub?!

  586. I loved these pictures – they were all so adorable – I think I loved the ones with two cats snuggling the best or the ones that looked momma and kitty – thanks for the website!

  587. Just absolutely fabulous! You even have some pics of my cat Blue. I have e-mailed the whole page to friends. Judy ,

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  593. What a GREAT site … ingenious!! Perfect for any cat lover to peruse. Now if I could only snap a picture before my kitty knows I’m coming … :)

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    But did anyone else notice that in one picture, the tap was on? :s

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  602. Fabulous idea, but why limit it to just sinks? How about other categories for boxes, bags, drawers, suitcases, boots, computer cases, pumpkins, wastebaskets, vases, cooking pots, walls, refrigerators, etc…the list is endless!
    Face it…they’ll squeeze into any crack or crevice that catches their fancy!

  603. I just want to say that looking at cats in any form or fashion makes me smile-This definately put a smile on my face today!

  604. OMG!!!! I will laugh my head off over this site for days!!!!!!! I’ve got to find the pictures of my college roommate’s cat and send it in!!! This is too great!

  605. I have a Cat (Fruity) he loves the bath tub & sink. He will only drink water from the sink or tub. I have given Fruity fresh cold water from tap,water cooler. Fruity just won`t drink it. Fruity will let you know when he wants a drink by jumping on the counter or lying in the tub. When he is left alone for the day I have to leave the water running in the tub.Fruity also likes Slim Fast, Strawberry Ice Cream,Strawberry Jam & Chips. When the boys have snack after supper so does Fruity. He is very playfull @ times & runs thur out the house @ night. We love Fruity & so does the dog……I love all these cats in this email & just thought I would pass along my story on Fruity……..Nana

  606. My friends cat hung out in the sink. I thought it was weird and unusual, but looking at your website I guess its quite common.
    My friends cat use to stand in the sink and then slide all 4 feet around like he was ice skating.

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    we have three cats, all of whom adore water bowls, but only one who loves the sink.

  614. These are just too cool. Both of my cats love the sink in the master bathroom especially Mr. Bear.

  615. Thor was a wonderful cat who loved to sit in the sink and ask for the water to be turned on by saying “wa wa” as clear as a bell. I submitted his pic. His site is

  616. I miss my cat…. those cats/kitties are so adorable :'(

    my cat escaped a couple of months ago, & i still miss him………… DAMN ! COME BACK !! :(:( =(

    I’m crying right now…

  617. I am despaerately tring to get my landlord to allow me to have a kitty – maybe if i send her this link..i mean how can you say no to that once you check out these COOL pix..GREAT site guys..VERY cool!

  618. Excellent(plus). The closest mine get is only at bath time

  619. Too cute! Really great site, had two cats that loved the sink and dribbling water. Cats are such amazing creatures.

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  623. Thanks so much that was great…You have to do more of that. This made my night.

  624. GREAT SITE!!! I had to look twice to make sure ElPlumpo… that cat that adoped me was still here… sure looked like him in one of those sinks.. Thanks, your site brought a smile to my face and I am now going to share it will others that share my love of cats….k

  625. it is cute….. but WHY?!

  626. Soooo cute!!!

  627. Thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings, the “awwwws” and the chuckles. I’m sending all my cat loving friends the link to your site.

  628. These are so much FUN. We love them.

  629. These are so darn cute! They made me smile, too, and I sent it to all my friends and family. Especially my one friend who helped get my Annie-kitty from a no-kill shelter here in Wisconsin. Annie (2 1/2 yrs – mostly white with dark tabby-markings on her head, paws and her whole tail) is my sink-lover and once-in-a-while she wants a drink from the faucet but it sometimes disgusts her when water gets on her fur! She and my Aloha (grey and brown tabby – 11 1/2 yrs) also love the tub, as others have mentioned. They travel with me occasionally and everywhere they have been they both had to scout-out the tub. Especially at my folks house in Indiana. At home they do have a water dish in the kitchen sink and have a cup of fresh water on the bathroom vanity. They don’t necessarily get along, but I am still waiting – it’s only been a little over 2 years. And Annie is the little imp and big trouble-maker! I lovingly say, Aloha – the good kitty and Annie – the bad!
    Great job on your website – I love it and thank you for the fun!

  630. Great photos.
    But I had a cat that like to lay in the cast iron frying pan on the stove (of course it was off)
    Thanks for the photos. Loved them

  631. oh my goodness!! This is the cutest website I think I have ever seen!! I seriously think I’m going to become one of those crazy cat ladies or something! haha just kidding!! I’m so sad because I’m going away to school in two days to become a lawyer and I can’t bring my cat so I had to find him a new home. This website definitely is going to cheer me up while I’m away because a couple of the cats on here remind me of him. I love these photos!!

  632. I have never seen so many cats in sinks. It is so funny I enjoyed it very much. We need more. How come there are no hairless cats Is it because they get cold? Keep yp the good work. Fonzie (my nickname)

  633. cat appears several times on my website. Nothing more laughable and cute

  634. I LOVE KITTIES IN SINKS!!!! and so does will.

  635. Two of my three Kitties are definately “Cats in Sinks”. All your images of them “Cats in Sinks” are just precious. Thank you.

  636. How cute! We are proud owners of 6 cats. 3 of the 6 love the sink. Pumpkin, an orange tabby, prefers the bath sink. He’s a little plump so he fills it up well! He doesn’t really like to drink from the sink, just lay in it. Sister, a sleek black female, loves to drink from the tap in the kitchen. We had to replace the faucet recently. We bought one of those high rise types. She can’t seem to figure out how to drink from it yet! She used to lap right from the mouth of the faucet on the old one and would stand in the sink to do so. She just can’t understand why she gets so wet now trying to drink from the new one! Maybe she’ll get the hang of it one day. Then there’s our new little guy, Arkansas. I found him a couple of weeks ago wandering around in a parking lot on the campus of Arkansas State University. He’s made camp in the kitchen sink and doesn’t like to get out when it’s time to cook or do dishes! He’s been known to jump into the dish water! Oh what a mess! Great site! Thanks for all the laughs.

  637. this is absolutely the cutest thing ever!!

  638. This is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have 8 cats. I have a double bathroom sink. It’s adorable when there is a cat in each sink. Not all cats like sinks tho’. Some of mine never get in the sink.

  639. What is it with cats and sinks? Three days after I brought home my Sadie from an animal shelter, there she was in my bathroom sink. And looking quite content.

  640. I just read thru’ the other replies. Why do so many guys (not all) have such a problem with this site? There is NOTHING offensive about it. All the woman liked it. I know not all guys are like this, but it really seems like way too many have no use for anything that doesn’t involve slutty girls, Hummers, mean dogs and guns. And then you wonder why real women aren’t interested in you?

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  646. What cute adorable cats. Big cats in little sinks, little cats in big sinks. all too cute

  647. Catharina from the Netherlands

    I love this site!! Great!

  648. totally hilarious!!!!!!!!! hehehehheheheh

  649. I was told it’s a Persian thing. Our male half-persian loves drinking from the kitchen sink.

  650. I can not stop laughing. Love them all.

  651. These are awesome. just like my little boys, they look so cute

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  653. This is absolutely one of the most pleasant website I have visited in a good long time. Thanks for putting this out there. A friend of mine sent it on and I know I’ll be visiting these little charmers more than one.

  654. Our Jack did this for most of his youth. At least we now know that His Holiness wasn’t just a freak. My baby Dru has only frolicked in the sink once. I loved this site. My cat is superior to yours.

  655. Absolutly gorgeous!!!

  656. These little cuties gave me a laugh. I can’t wait to get a kitty of my own some day! Thanks for posting them!!

  657. This made my morning. LOVE IT! They are all adorable.

  658. Hi,
    I love your site, and am going to be starting a spin-off site called ‘Catsintoilets’. Please send all your appropriate photos (as cute as possible) to
    Thanks very much, the site should be great!

  659. Cute, so cute.

  660. What a wonderful World … ;-))

  661. Brilliant – does exactly as it says on the tin. The ones with the cats cuddling made me melt.

    Very sweet and charming.

  662. their so cute!!!!! i love kittys i have 2 really fat ones haha

  663. Love it so much. If you are looking for cats in bowls I have a really good one of my Punkin.

  664. These pictures are fabulous, I love them!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  665. I love the animals, and i live with 3 cats. I think you have knew give the better of their good image. I don’t speak a good english (i’m spanish), but of course, congratulations!!!

  666. This is a wonderful website, and my partner and I were thrilled to see all the little ‘monkeys’ doing what our cats love to do.
    I was however disgusted to see adverts saying ‘kittens for sale’ and ‘bengal kittens on ebay’. No one should ever ‘buy’ an animal if they consider themselves at all concerned about animal welfare. There are an estimated 8-10 million homeless cats in the UK, as many as 35% of these are domestic cats that have got lost. An estimated 50% of feral kittens never make it to adulthood. Animal lovers should think of giving a good home to these poor mites rather than fuel the breeding industry by paying people who see animals as profit, which just makes the problem worse. Could you not instead advertise the Cat’s Protection League who consistently have a myriad of cats needing loving homes, or maybe the battersea dogs home, who also have lots of homeless cats. Breeders and the like just make money from a world of animal misery.

  667. This is the best site I have seen in ages.

    Do you know if there is a cat in boxes site. I reckon cats sit in boxes almost as much as they sit in sinks.

  668. This quite cute. My dad’s cat will only drink from the sink. As I’ve heard said, “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff!” So true.

  669. This is a great site. Thanks so much!!

  670. adoreable! From 1 cat lover 2 another

  671. Wow this site is genius. I have two cats I am obsessed with them!! Sooooo cute.

    Danny Tanner for life!

  672. Hey these are really cute!!

  673. such adorable kittens in sinks! what is it with that attraction to sinks?

  674. ADORABLE!!!!

  675. OMG, the amount of replies a couple of cat pic can generate!! I’ve only skimmed through the ones posted in the last two days and its already too much to read.
    But of course, it’s worth it. Cats are just too damned cute.
    Would consider the advise about advertising for pets’ asylums though or other animal friendly organisations like PETA or something. Other than that: rock on!

  676. I LOVE KITTIES SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  677. Iluv9lives (Christine)

    These pictures just made my day…I have been without a kitty for about 18
    months and I am just about ready to go adopt at least 2 to share my home!

  678. Absolutely adorable!

  679. I think cats like sinks because sinks feel cool to them. You’ve heard the term ‘cool cat’? Well there you go.

  680. BTW what’s next…cats in laundry baskets? That’s where my felines like to sleep. They like laundry baskets because they’re warm. You’ve heard the term ‘warm kitty’…No?…OK, well this is where my theory breaks down.


  682. I like your site. I see that you have featured no less than 3 Tuxedo Cats. I just lost my beloved Tuxedo, K.T., a month ago the 4th to Liver Failure, Cancer, and other ailments associated with OLD AGE. He was like 16 1/2 or something like that. He was my trusty companion, who ALWAYS welcomed me with “Open Paws”.

  683. Este sitio es maravilloso, porque yo amo a los gatos, son tan hermosos, tiernos y simpaticos. Felicidades
    This site is wonderful, because I love cats, they are beautiful, tender and funny. congratulation

  684. Too cute! Thanks for the cheer-up!

  685. I LOVE it! However, what you need now is the Cats In Boxes counterpart..

  686. precious

  687. What’s next? Cats in toilets?


  689. Very cute! How about starting a ‘cats in refrigerators’ or ‘cats in dryers’ webpage. I’ve got some photos for those too.

  690. Wonderful pix! I especially liked the two in ones photos, particularly Mamas and babies.

  691. My goddaughter forwarded “Cats in Sinks” to me. It is delightful, and I’ve passed the link all around the office! Thanks for putting together this purrfect collection.

  692. I loooooooooooooooooove cats, and I have to say this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. None of my cats ever hang out in sinks, though! Haha!

  693. maria joão couceiro

    ABSOLUTELY FUNTASTIC!!!!!!!!! ; ))

  694. What a wonderful collection! Marvelous! Keep up the good work.

  695. Very cute! I agree with someone else who said “no ads about selling cats and kittens” There are WAY too many loveable, unwanted cats out there to actually BUY one. I know because I have 3 myself!

  696. What an odd site.t

  697. Very enjoyable!

  698. Absolutely adorable!!!
    Can we submit our own additions to your collection?

  699. All of your babies that have been posted are sooo cute. Its amazing what cats find relaxing isnt it?

  700. My Songla used the kitchen sink as her toilet — quite clever I thought, but not photo worthy. I loved the nestled cats, all content with the reclining head rests afforded them.

  701. Wow!!!! =^_^= As a huge cat fan I gotta say, very creative and imaginative, I love it. It’s amazing the places cats find places to be comfortable, no?

  702. Very funny!!! I sent the link to my mom (she’s 80 and likes email) and she thought it was hilarious, too.

  703. I love your site!

  704. This site is absolutly adoreable! I’m so glad my friend sent me the link… It’s so amazing to see other cats like to live in sinks, besides my baby Clover! haha. I totally submitted his picture as well ;).

    LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!

  705. Wow. And I thought only OUR cat was obsessed with the sink. Ophelia just can’t keep herself away from the kitchen sink, and she loves to lick the faucet. Does anyone else have significant problems with wet pawprints, however?
    The pictures are great!

  706. How brilliant! Made me smile on a boring Friday. I love this site – my 3 felines are cats in boxes but I’m sure will try the sinks eventually. Keep up the good work!

  707. These really are amazingly cute!

  708. Leaving My Mark As A Guest. Nice Site, And Tons Of Feedback! Good Job To The Creatours. Long Live. Sell Merchandise, And I Will Purchase. Keep Up The Good Work.

  709. Hello there,
    This is a potential winner for the most stupid website of the year!~
    Please, how pathetic could you be to start a website like this?

    please contact me for more information,


    De Chileen

  710. Make it stop! This website is the adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’m going to cry… overwhelmed by all the cute kitty cats.

  711. Absolutely adorable, my mom sent the link, thanks Mom!

  712. wow! greatness. it’s so relaxing…not qite as relaxing as holding a baby, but close.

  713. wonderful….belli,fantastici!!!!!

  714. This site has made me smile today. I wish to submit a pic of my kitty girl in our sink but have no means of uploading or getting a picture online. Wish I could snail mail it to you guys. Still, this site is just great. Viva la kitaloons in sinks!!!

  715. I have been online for about 15 years now, have visited countless sites. This is the best, the best, the best! I am SUCH a cat lover, and it THRILLS me to see evidence of other such cat lovers! Bravo!

  716. OMG! I thought MY cat was the only one who did that. This site is so awesome!! I love it! I love cats and I love cats in sinks. Perfect!

    Amanda B.

  717. Hi, just thought your site is adorable! My cat (deseased) of 16 years used to sleep in our bathroom sink, not only is the sink cool, but many like the shape. Great site!

    thanks for sharing!

    p.s. i will have to locate the pics I have of Missy sleeping in our sink.

  718. All of these cat & kittens are too cute. Several of them resemble my cat “Jingles”. Very clever web site. Makes me happy!

  719. What a delight! Like everyone, I also have cat-in-sink pics; one of mine used to sleep there at night, neatly curled up and making bbbdddrrrrupp? sounds in the dark to greet –and startle– us as we staggered in for those middle-of-night loo visits.

  720. All of these cat & kittens are too cute. Several of them resemble my cat “Jingles”. Very clever web site. Makes me happy!

  721. I feel strange being one of the few males in the world who actually loves cats. After reading many of these comments, I’ve also noticed many males are also MAJOR negative vibes merchants as well. Sheesh, if you don’t like it, go away. I loved my cats and will miss them for the rest of my life.

    How about this for a website?: Negativity Dudes in an Autopsy Sink

  722. the cats are soooooo cute i nearly lost my mind. i learned about this site from AOTS that show is the bomb!!!!!!

  723. I like kitties :D.

  724. What a cute site! The pictures are precious! Thanks for sharing!

  725. This is wonderful. Made my day. These fur persons look like theyve taken up permanent residence. I will not let my darlin Jezebel see these photos. She already owns most everything in he house.

  726. its about time the internet had a site inwhich people could look at cats in sinks. Well done

  727. OHHHHH how cute.
    I have 18 of the furry sweeties, and I am sure I can find some Cats In SInks pictures. Will be back.

    Laura Mundis

  728. This is so wonderful! I just laughed and laughed.
    I’ll be smiling all day long now. You have been officially bookmarked and sent to everyone I know :). Thank you.

  729. That is awsome! My cat loves sinks too. I just wish that I had some pics of him in one on the computer!

  730. This, truly, is the greatest site EVER! Great job.

  731. I want to thank you for a very cute site. I have a few people that I will forward this to. I have always been a kitty person myself and I have two elderly kitties right now.

    These are so very cute but I have never had a sink kitty. Maybe when the two girls I have are gone, I may get a couple of sink kitties in my next group of kitties.

    I really enjoyed it.

    Thanks, gail

  732. at first when i read what this site was about i thought – who would be sad enough to make a website about THAT, but when i looked at it, i thought, awwww, who would be stupid enough not to make that site! thank you for it, and thank you again, i will now try and get my cat to do that and send in a picture!

  733. I love looking at this…………

  734. Love the site! But please do consider the advice of taking down the cat breeder ads. I have worked previously in animal shelters and have been working for a Humane Society for over 5 years and it breaks my heart to daily see all the homeless cats. And the volume of feral cats brought in to our facility in traps to spay and neuter it just feels like it will never end. The condition of these poor wild creatures is deplorable – they have to be trapped because they can\’t be handled so they are afraid and fighting for their lives, they usually have multiple medical problems anywhere from constant earmites with raw bloody ears, lost eyes, worms and total flea infestation, to severe abscesses, broken limbs, horrible broken rotten teeth, to FELV and FIV. Even then it still pains me greatly to have to euthanize any of these creatures. I think animal breeders or anyone considering buying an animal from a breeder should be required to take part in euthanasia. The Humane Society of the U.S. estimates 3-4 million pets are euthanized annually, and it is estimated that half of the animals in shelters are not adopted out but have to be euthanized.
    It is the most horrible heartbreaking thing to bear witness to or even have knowledge of that a perfectly healthy, friendly, loving cat has to be put to sleep because its “time is up” at an animal control facility. They even have to put down intakes that have perfectly curable and manageable illnesses such as upper respiratory infection or ringworm simply because they are so many other intakes coming in that are healthy that they have to make room. It is purely a numbers game and every animal that is bought takes away a potential adopter from a shelter and fills a home with a made for profit animal. It\’s a truly sad and horrible situation that goes on daily in America. And I know that this is not a political forum or a social commentary page, it is just for fun, however, this is just one cat lovers personal experience and ignoring a problem doesn\’t just make it go away. So how about a link to the Humane Society US at or to Alley Cat Allies at to inform instead, or something neutral like cat item shopping sites? Thanks and I hope I didn\’t bum you out.

  735. Can I have them all? They all look so cute in those pics!!!!

  736. The pictures of the cats are just fantastic and adorable.
    I have two cats myself, my black one likes to sleep in the kitchen sink and also drink water from the tap.

    He only lays in the sink in the winterime and also then drinks the water out of the tap.
    I’m sorry to say that I do not have a picture of him in the sink.

    With kind regards /Ã…sa

  737. Painfully, wonderfully precious. Thank you!

    P.S. Of seven cats, *none* sleep in the sinks, but two sleep on their backs, paws to the sky, belly fur toasting in the sun.


  738. HOW ADORABLE!!!! If I can find my pictures of my cats in the tub and sinks, I’ll add it.

  739. These are adorable. We will mention this site to our newsletter list. Love to allthese kittys.

  740. I loved all the cats.They were adorable.I am a cat lover.I have 4 cats of my own.One is missing.One of my cats loves sleeping in the sink.

  741. Cats are adorable.Cats are purr-fect princesses(look what I did).I wish I had 50 cats.My cats love sinks.I had a cat that would jump in the tub with water in it up to it’s neck.He was a funny cat.

  742. Did my heart good to see all these great cats having good homes! I have 12 and several of mine like to take cat naps in my BR sink. Luckily I have 2 basins. Had a cat that would only drink from faucet too. Had to drip it for her when she commanded me. I have 2 cats that retrieve their toys like a dog. Pony Boy also rides with me in my van and goes on trips and vacations. When we arrive back home, he and I are welcomed eagerly by those who didn’t go! Folks that think cats are “cold” are wrong. Most are very social, loving creatures.

    Thanks for your site. Will forward to friends.

  743. I really like this site^-^ The cats and kittens are all so small… and mini… and cute… anyways, nice site, keep up the good work!!

  744. grey cat, white sink/blue counter, messy bathroom…that cat is giving MAJOR cut eye which is awesome

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  750. Thanks for making me smile! Love it!

  751. What’s the big deal? I sleep in the sink all the time. Can’t see what’s so special about that. Meaowwwwwwww from Milan the Norwegian cat.

  752. why doesn’t the kittens in the sink slide show
    work on my computer?
    is it my computer
    or is it your slide show?

  753. These are so funny, thanks for sharing and entaining all of us out here! :) love them!

  754. Very nice idea to catch cats in the sink, I love to view them!
    Take care of your people and pets in Louisiana.
    Can we help?

  755. The best therapy for over-stressed IT people is to look at this site. Guaranteed to lower blood pressure. I’m going to go pet my cat now…..

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    It enjoyed it very much cat’s photograph.
    I chilly like cats.
    I like lovely expressions of loved cats very much.

  758. I like charming things to start with and this collection of cupped kitties is most excellent!

    Thank you. I got the link from and am passing it on to kitty-minded freinds.

  759. love the site but you see the same pic over and over again before a new one shows up can u do anything to rectify this thanks

  760. I love cats in sinks. I have a kitten the the tub. We need a site for kittens in tubs. lol. This is fun, thanks.

  761. Being A CATLOVER, I truly appreciate your cats in the sink, STUNNING
    My cats are also sink lovers

  762. Now I ABSOLUTELY have to get another cat!!!

  763. OH MY GOSH! THOSE WERE SOME OF THE CUTEST KITTIES IN SINKS EVER! There should be more sites dedicated to such a cute thing…the kittens made it cuter cause they were so small in comparrison to the sink.

  764. uh
    you can’t post news on 9 September 2005 until 9 September 2005

  765. wow, wat can i say, brilliance, who thought of a website with cats in sinks i mean… genius thats all i can say, and mum i love you i kno ur reading this XOXO peace out to all my niggas out there booyah

  766. I’ve decided that nothing in your life can be bad enough that a series of pictures of cats in sinks won’t effectively cure.
    Thanks for the wonderful laugh. Cats are the best..ESPECIALLY in sinks!

  767. CUte pics! some are funny! Thanks for sharing it on the internet!

  768. I love this website as well as Kittenwar (may the cutist win) I have two cats myself and know the joy they can bring and it really cheers me up when I have to cope with my sister being around

  769. Yes. It is sooooooo cute, when it’s the BATHROOM sink.

    But, how to I keep my cats OUT of the kitchen sink?

  770. LOVE this site, and love the kitty photos! These cats obviously know something about sinks that we clueless humans don’t….

    Keep the kitties coming!


  771. I am irani . I alone speak irani (farsi).These are so funny and perety, thanks for sharing &…..;D
    kariaii ke darid vagean perety va jalebe.
    age baraie aksaie delkhah va jalebam jaii dashte bashid aly mishe .
    khosh bashi . ;)

  772. After watching hurricane coverage all week, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  773. Thank you so much for this site. We’ve just lost one of our beautiful kitties, she used to like our bathroom sink!

    With all the doom and gloom in the world, this site is just what I needed to cheer me up.

    Thanks a lot.

  774. what a fucked up website you have here

  775. Wow, I never realized how much cats love sinks. Let me know if you ever venture into cats in showers. I might be able to provide some pictures of that. My mom has a brother and sister cat that love the shower. It’s a small shower with a glass door. One time I was taking a shower, totally spacing out. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud crash and I realized one of the cats was in the shower with me. He had climbed onto the bathroom counter and jumped in over the door. Needless to say, it scared the shit out of me, but it was really funny.

  776. wow! this cat looks EXACTLY like my cat. when were you in my house??

  777. I received your web site from a friend and seeing all the cat in the sink brought back a lot of memories of my Sammy. I had him for 15yrs. He came to live with me a as a stray at the age of four months in the cold of a Minnesota winter. He brought a lot of laughs and joy during his years on earth.

    Thank you so much for the memories.

  778. This is a brilliant site, really, honestly. It so simple — a beautiful idea that could be applied to so many other things we love.

  779. This site is so cute! I’ve had two cats who loves sleeping in sinks, but the cat who lives with me now, only pees in it… Anyone who has an idea why my cat suddently started using the sink as a toilet?

  780. This is not yet another “cats in sinks” blog is it? Its just amazing how many “cats in sinks” blogs there are. It must be a subject that fascinates humans.

  781. what the fuck.
    i mean, what the fuck

  782. THIS is why we have the www. Meow.

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    about 30 times.
    Nothing happened except the same screen again.

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  785. I love this website. It rocks hard!!!! Real hard, like you know what I mean. :)

  786. My lifemate Mat Long of LA. recomended this site.

  787. My lifemate Mat Long of LA. recomended this site. Check out his cat fetish at MySpace!!! :)

  788. Love the site! A while back I posted on my blog about how my cat had recently taken up residence in my sink. One friend commented with a picture of HER cat, and then I replied with the picture of mine. We then said we should start up a blog community regarding cats in sinks. And now we have this! Thanks for the entertainment.

    I sent you my pic. Hopefully you will be able to use it. :o)

  789. Very cute site. We all love our cats!!

  790. OMG too cute for words!

  791. OMG too cute for words!

  792. Gee, i’m worried about my cats, unlike all the normal felines pictured on your site my cats don’t like sinks……. they only go in the bath, sometimes while still occupied!!

  793. so cute! Especailly the one in the sink full of water!

  794. man, do i love this site! you could show me cats in sinks all day and i wouldn’t get tired of it. makes me wish my cat hadn’t gone to that great sink in the sky.
    cheers, ll

  795. This site is so stupid its kewl. Kristen your a loser for giving me this site. HAHA! Just Kidding, my parents found that note and played a mean joke. Sorry I didn’t go to the pool party, but at least other people did. Well its time to go skateboard. See Ya In Skool!

    Joel Aversing and His Life his lifemate Mat is my uncle and his friend being dumb! Later Kittens, Later loser people, just kidding just kidding :)

  796. Wow!! What an excellent site!! My ginger tom cat likes to sit in the bathroom sink and drink from the tap when it’s turned on at PRECISELY the right pressure and I sit on the side of the bath to “keep him safe”. Must get that camera out! :-)

  797. i think these pictures are just adorable, i just love them considering i’m cat lover. thank you. valerie

  798. I love cats! I love cats in sinks! Thanks for the laughs!

  799. To conserve bandwidth, why not use javascript to replace the cat image on the page, instead of hitting reload? You could have the user download and cache an array of image filenames, then replace the image with a random file when the user clicks? It should help when people are clicking that reload button like crazy.

  800. oh.. cute!! That looks like our kitten Lavender!!

  801. that is so funny! i have a calico named Cali who looks just about exactly like this cat. the only difference is all the colors on that cat are on the opposite side on my cat. its hilarious. this is a great site by the way! keep up the good work…i love cats.


  803. Is it my imagination or did I notice a distinct trend for all the sink poses to be white, or light colored basins????? My daughter’s cat has done this also and our sink of his choice is light beige. Coincidence????? are cats color blind?

  804. I love this website!!!!! Woof!!!

  805. Is this site for real? OMFG

  806. Your site is great! This cat lover just can\’t get enough of those furry faces hamming it up for the camera.

  807. why do cats like sinks so much anyway? my cat loves drinking the water…

  808. Love your site! I uploaded a picture of my silly cat (Gracie) in the sink also. Hope you like it. I also have a digital camera movie of her drinking from the faucet, one of her favorite games, but the picture quality of the movie isn’t so great.

  809. Your site is absolutely freaking awesome. Its so random and amusing and I love it. I want to marry it. Its dee-lish.

  810. u mean my cat really isn’t that unique. I am always booting my cat out of the sink. its just such a perfect kitty cat size

  811. Major cat lover here! I enjoyed these pictures immensely!

  812. I’m glad my cats not the only cat in a sink, and here I thought he was a freak.

  813. I’ve got several cats just like those shown on your picture show. One of them even prefers to drink out of the faucet that the water bowls. I wish I knew why they like the sink so much and the tub, too

  814. My sister’s kitties lay in the sink, often with the tap drip drip dripping on them (sadly, my kitty has no use for sinks, but he does drink out of the toilet when the opportunity presents itself). Thanks for the goddamn cute pics!

  815. If you need more bandwidth (and you will after put you on their site) try They were great for me. – Matt

  816. I have a couple of cats that climbed in my sink though I don’t have pics.
    The ones that I view are adorable and put a smile on my face. Hope I can get 1 or 2 or mine in there to

  817. I’d really like to see cats on top of refridgerators too.

  818. I’m so relieved. Until recently, I’d never had a “sink cat” (although I’d had lots of cats). My present cat, however, is a sink-sleeping nut. I had been worried that he was trying to tell me that he wasn’t getting enough water. Unfortunately, I’ve no pictures. Unlike his ever-talented namesake, Kitty Carlisle is camera shy.


  820. The kitties are cute, but why does the same cat picture come up twice almost every time?

  821. Why cats? Why in a sink? Why this website?

  822. My cat is also likes to be in sink. Weird… why cats like to be in sink. I think it makes feel safe to in rounded place where is easy lean onto. This site is magnificent !!!!!!


  824. I know this is USA and we have freedom of speech, but please people…if you don’t like the site, go somewhere else and let the people who LOVE it, enjoy it!!!
    I Love “Cats In Sinks”!!!!

  825. Love the cat that uses Crest with Scope.

  826. What a really cool website !!

    Anyone who is owned by a kitty knows sinks are a great place to take a cat nap!

  827. Hey! I just sent off my Scottish Fold, Heather, waking up from a sleep in the sink. I hope she makes the cut. Tri-colour, look at her!

  828. i think the cats are sooooooo cute

  829. This is a great site. If you made a calendar, I’d certainly buy it.

  830. What fun! What smiles! I can barely wait to take pictures of my kitties when they are drinking from the sink! Thank you.

  831. We’ve all had so much laughter and “awwwww” moments from this collection – thank you! As someone else noted, these images would make a great daily calendar – if you go that route, we’ll buy one from you. :-)

  832. how precious is this ! my moms cat sits in the sink all the time i am going to try and get a pic of him

  833. Very cute site. ^_^

  834. LOVE THIS SITE!!!
    My 2 cats are never seen in sinks, however, they do frequent our bathtub a lot!!


    Wonderful website! My cat is a moron…. a very goofy moron! I need to put some of my pictures on here! He likes sinks, toliets, tubs… “THE BATHROOM!!”

    NOW the little fart likes the Washing Machine and Dryer!! WHATS NEXT!!!

  836. Hey, how come my buddy Max hasn’t made the cut yet?

    He was a handsome tuxedo cat that is better looking than many others that did make the cut (I won’t point fingers but you all know which ones I’m referring to…yuck).

    Since you’re only allowing one pic at a time, how about putting all 1700 (or so) in the rotation?

  837. Hey, the last time I veiwed site I could view multiple pics at once. It was easy to identify with those who were similar with my loves – past & present. The site itself says you have more than 1700 new pics – how would we ever view if we can only view one by one?????

  838. Zed: I am slowly adding all 1700 pictures – it just takes time to do, cropping and re-sizing each picture so they’re the right size etc – and I’m running the site in whatever spare time I can find.

    tl – I changed the way the site works because it was costing me lots of money in excess bandwidth charges to have all the pictures on one page. I had a choice of either reducing the number or closing the site altogether.

  839. WHile the concept of your site is admirable you need to sort out your links so that when i click them i actually see another CAT PICTURE.
    i am sure that a simple ICT course would teach you how to do this.
    you havent reduced the number of cats there is only one that changes every ten minutes.

  840. Thanks for the advice Jodie, but the image generation appears to be working just fine – yesterday a total of 674,000 images were viewed. Try enabling javascript in your browser.


  841. Cat-lovers of the world, unite!!!
    Great idea, Beautiful site!!!
    No pics from me…my calico seems to like more the laundry basket.
    Apart from Cats-on-refrigerators, what about Cats-in-closets? Cats-on-radiators? or Cat-in-a-box?
    Xcellent work – keep going!

    The “Show me another” button, doesn’t seem to work. I have to refresh the page to see the next photo. But I often come across the one I saw moments ago. I’m afraid I’ll never manage to see all 1700 =(

  842. Hey Fraser,

    Thanks for getting back to me on my question. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done thus far.

  843. Dude, I have your site featured on my blog sidebar. Even though I have to click a lot to view the images now, it always makes my day. I imagine captions as I scroll through:

    “Don’t even think of turning that faucet on!”
    “Hey is it my turn yet?”
    “What do you mean I don’t fit? Are you trying to tell me something?!”
    “You are soooo NOT ingnoring me.”
    “Could someone turn the lights out? I am trying to nap here…”
    “Yo, bring me another beer!”
    “Um, what are dishes?”
    “This is MY sink. Go find your own!”
    “Hey, it’s either here or on your pillow. You choose.”

    I would love to see a set of customizable (fill in your own greeting) cards.

  844. ?????????????????????????? why this site

  845. Crazy animals…

  846. Hey, you need a way to link directly to any given image you see, so you can share specific cuteness with your buddies!

  847. I’ve been clicking round and around and I KNOW you have more kitties out there you’re not showing! SHOW ME all THE KITTIES!

  848. Those are sooooooo cute, cats and kittens in the sink CUTE :-)!!!

  849. This is, paws down, the BEST website I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. All my seven cats agree. The dog has not made up her mind about it yet. Thanks so much for putting this together!!

  850. WOW! This has really taken off – congrats!. I looked at it about 2 weeks ago and uploaded my kitten in a sink…. can’t find her now, but I am sure she will be there eventually.

    Have sent this link to every cat fancier (or humour fancier) I know. The Ronseal of websites – does exactly what it says on the tin!

    Keep up the good work.

  851. wonderful! If you create a screensaver from this it will be a bestseller, guaranteed!

  852. What a great site! Thanks for cheering me up a little during such a dark time.

  853. What a great site! Thanks for cheering me up a little during such a dark time.

  854. Hi! I’m trying to find a search function on your site to find my cat Jake i uploaded last week.. can ya help? thank you!

  855. Ugh, that is an UGLY cat Ugh!

  856. Lesli