Let’s see: I have two weeks off work.

I’ve pre-programmed a fortnight’s worth of Daily Kitten content.

I’ve approved the most recent batch of uploads to Kittenwar.

I’ve uploaded a couple of hundred new images to Cats In Sinks.

What shall I do now?


Bollocks to this. I’m off to Hong Kong. That seems as good a place as any to start a holiday.


  1. Ooh, very nice. Check out the Lugard Road while you’re there. Good walk round the peak, lovely views out into the South China Sea.

  2. Enjoy your holiday.

    Bring me back a stick of rock.

  3. the land of soup.

  4. Good on you Fraser…

    If you need any hints and tips of places to go – let me know. I moved out here from sunny london a year ago – and can tell you that you will love it….

    If you fancy a pint of relatively bitter – the globe on hollywood road is your place!

    Have a great holiday

  5. Sorry was meant to say “relatively OK” bitter…