new york city

It’s extremely cold, but I’m feeling extremely toasty inside. This is because I’ve discovered that the Moscow Cat Theatre are in town. This may well be the best news ever. Ticketmaster beckons.

In the mean time, however, I’m off to Bristol, Connecticut, to visit the headquaters of sports channel ESPN. I will explain later.


  1. since you are in nyc, you must try beard papas! i would love to know what your take on them would be.

  2. blmmin’ globetrotter.

  3. globetrotter, yes! you must be ritchie rich, dear.

  4. this sounds great. when are they coming to London? Why not use some of your alleged fortune to produce them, as I hear that ‘the Producers’ are the next big thing and you could be one.

  5. When are you eating as Les Halles?

    Looking forward to that one – let us know how it was. Related note – have you read Bourdain’s ‘Kitchen Confidential’ – if not, do so, NOW. It’s brilliant.

    Keep up the good work Fraser.