five years

Blogjam is five years old today.

I never expected for a moment to get this far, churning out the same old twaddle week after week, so I’d like to thank the academy, as they say. Thanks, first of all, to David Hudson, for brilliantly showing the way. Thanks to Vittorio Bertola for demonstrating (very ably) that geekdom isn’t necessarily uncool. Thanks to Dave Roozendaal for being an early brother in arms. Thanks to the all those geniuses (ginger and otherwise) that run b3ta, for providing more direction than they’ll ever probably realise. And thanks, most of all, to anyone who’s read or commented or trolled on these pitiful, shameful, idiotic pages over the last one thousand, eight-hundred and twenty five days.

I’d like to buy you all a pint, but I’ve got no bloody idea who you are.

Also, I can’t afford it. So here’s a picture of a really nice hamster. Enjoy.


  1. y’know, I liked that hamster even better than the cats.

    happy birthday

  2. Nice one! Although it sounds lame I have to say it, Happy Blogaversery!

  3. Happy Birthday Blogjam!

    I shallraise a virtual pint now, and probably a real one later in celebration.

  4. Hampster + Pie magic = Magical Hampster pie

    I think that could be a winner.

  5. Blimey… five years eh? Well done, keep it up, etc. And thank you for the lovely hamster. Shall no doubt mess about with the little chap in photoshop when I get home this evening. He’s just crying out for a little jiggery-pokery, don’t you think? At the very (very) least he needs a hat.

  6. Wow, it only seems like yesterday that I started wasting my life by reading about yours…..anyway, Happy Anniversary and I’ll go and have a few frothies in anticipation of the next five years.

  7. Happy Birthday Blogjam!

    Where can I get my pint?

  8. It was pointed out to me today that we’re exactly the same age. Happy birthday!

  9. Nope, you’re a day older. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

  10. happy anniversary fraser
    this was the very first blog I ever read, so I keep coming back.
    you don’t know your readers? what do you want to know?
    I raise my pint in germany
    cheerio blogjam!

  11. happy birthday blogjam (only one day late this year, amazing!)

  12. Here’s to another five!

  13. happy birthday! we have a significant date in common then – yesterday was 16 years to the day that it lost my virginity.

  14. is a slight scolding the same thing as a chiding?

  15. Precisely the same, just with more syllables.

  16. Happy Birthday Blogjam! *big sloppy kiss with lots of tongue*

  17. Congratulations!

  18. Blogjam is five?! Good God.

    Major congrats, Fraser!

  19. A very happy birthday to blogjam!
    I love this blog. Keep writing, you.

  20. Well done. Now tell us about the Moscow Cat Theatre.

  21. Good going mate, I love the mad foody stuff, and your travel writing is funny and brilliant, Blogjam is the website that inspired me to inflict myself upon the interwebnet, see what you started.

    P.S. sorry, but the kittens just don’t do anyting for me, you could try cooking some.

  22. congratulations mr fraser.
    5 years of blogging is ok, wait for the 7 year itch (I think it’s called RSI ;-)

  23. Yay! Happy belated blogjam birthday!
    Here’s to the next five years.

  24. I don’t know how many people will be at your place for Christmas dinner, but in my view that hamster needs fattening up a tad.

  25. Why did I spend ten minutes yesterday evening reading about your f***ing dentist, and didn’t notice this post?
    Thanks for the undeserved compliments. But I’m not sure about coolness, it’s my target achievement for 2006.