a google christmas

Out of the blue, I got a Christmas present from Google.

Opening up the box, there’s a large leather wallet inside, featuring an embossed Google logo.

Unzipping the wallet, it folds open to reveal:

  • A Google-branded USB hub
  • A Google-branded 128MB pen drive
  • A Google-branded wireless optical mouse
  • A Google-branded headset
  • A USB-powered notebook light
  • An extendable USB to mini-USB adapter

Crikey. You gotta love Google.


  1. What? Out of the blue?
    Why? I WANT ONE. (Is it a 5 year birthday present do you think?)

  2. No, I reckon it’s because I use Adsense on the cat websites.

  3. I use Adsense too but obviously you need a lot of hits to be getting a pressie from Google. Either way, I’m still jealous!!!

  4. Blimey!

    You’re the man!

  5. Gosh. You top internet honcho, you.

    Had the mrs and mother-in-law on kittenwar and cats in sinks last night. Went down very well.

  6. Crikey!
    How rare!

  7. wow. you’re famous!
    is it because you’ve been to n.y.? got a new job there?

  8. Can’t believe Google just sent all that stuff to you. You the man!

    I want my share too!

    Were there any letters in the box?

  9. well, maybe a lot of people read your blogs through the RSS feed on Google Reader like I do.

  10. Scaryduck – you registered a number? Which one?

  11. I got one as well(im in England) and we only got shitty wired usb mouses.

  12. I also want mine gifts better still the money first for once.

  13. i thin/k this is a most won/derful i dea

  14. i got one aswell was the envy of all my collegues though my USB-powered notebook light was also google branded but im guessin you may have forgotten to write that. i love the usb mouse, and its rechargeable!!!

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