big with teenage girls

Marvellous. More kittenwar PR hit the nation’s newstands today, as a double-page spread featuring the site appeared within the hallowed pages of Shout Magazine, a very popular read with teenage girls, or so I’m led to believe. I’ve put a scan up at Flickr.

And no, this is neither the good news or the bad news. It’s merely the interim news.


  1. So you own the rights to all the kitten pics?

    Time to make your millions with a kitten-specific image library fulfulling the global media’s fluffy needs.

  2. Hooray for kittenwar! Soon you all our kitten will belong to you.

  3. omg kittrens are soooooo cute!!!!!

  4. Hooray for kittens!
    I’m not a fluffy-cutesy kinda girl, but when I reach a conundrum such as two equally matched adorable kittens, I find the paradox quite dizzying.

  5. I went to the cutelittlekittens website a couple weeks ago and it was pretty evident that it must be a teenage fad. The misspellings on the comments brought a bigger smile to my face then some of the pictures.
    Bully for you, may the cutest kitten win. It may not be the good news that you have been keeping us waiting on but it is good news all the same, no?

  6. The cutelittlekittens website is one I used to own, and it’s been changed for the worse since our parting. It’s certainly not part of my current roster of kitten magnificence.

  7. Fraser, if I let you see my pussy, it won’t end up on the internet being voted for, will it?


  8. I can definitely tell that cutelittlekittens is no longer your site. The cat wars however, has your signature all over it.

    Milady, you just gave me a new game idea for my nudest parties.

  9. Is Shout Magazine one of your subscriptions, Fraser? ;0)

  10. does shout magazine still have the “you are the ref” section?

  11. Kittens are so cute, I have a huge fluffy one she is gorgous, most cats a stuning!

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