kosher salt

Here’s a question: where in London can I buy kosher salt? This, for the uninitiated, is the type of salt that’s used to extract blood from animal flesh during kosher butchery. It’s not kosher in the sense that its production has adhered to the guidelines laid down in Torah’s Book of Leviticus, because in that sense, nearly all salt is kosher, even the ordinary table stuff.

I hope that’s clear. Anyway: if anyone knows, let me know.

Thank you.


  1. As I understand it, kosher salt is just big soft flakes which are easy to rub into the meat.

    Maldon sea salt perhaps?

  2. As far as I know, kosher salt is pure sodium chloride, while your regular shop-bought sea salt can contain other minerals. I’d be happy to be proved wrong on this though…

  3. Unless you are koshering something for a strict religious purpose, my choice would be Maldon salt ( which I think is allowed for koshering anyway)–it is the best, espec. if your in England. However, if you don’t want the minerals in sea salt (although to me, that is why I’d rather use it than that Morton Crap which is chemically adulterated in soooo many ways) then use what, I think, is refered to as “Dairy” salt–it has no additives and has medium big grains.

  4. I could buy it online, but it seems a little excessive to pay for trans-atlantic shipping for a packet of salt… and I can’t find a UK supplier online at all.

  5. What have you got planned?

  6. Nothing planned – I’m just seeing an increasing number of recipes that require it.

  7. Try chemical supplies places?

  8. There’s got to be somewhere in the Golders Green area. Perhaps try looking up delicatessens thereabouts on scoot, and giving them a call?

  9. The reason most recipes are “requiring” it these days is that it is a fave of chefs. The ONLY reason why for most is that when you pinch it between thumb and index finger it stays put! Well, that, and perhaps a clean taste. You can then sucessfully pinch a 1/2 teaspoon. Sure it is pure salt–no additives–but really, any salt will work. There is nothing special about it other than its ease of use and distribution.

    Kosher salt actually causes more problems when you try to use it in a recipe which just says salt–because its flakes are bigger than regular salt granules the same number don’t fit in a measuring spoon. So if you try to use it in baking your results will be skewed unless you adjust accordingly. I use tons of it in my cooking both personal and professional, but that’s because it is a cheap and clean alternative to regular–can’t stand it–iodized salt. When I am seasoning a dish at the finish, or for the table I almost always use Sea Salt–much healthier, better flavor, etc. If I could afford to use Maldon or Sel Gris all the time I probably would. Both are easy to pinch and sprinkle, they have great taste, but I wouldn’t want to put a handful in a pot of Pasta water.

  10. Phew. Good advice, Mr Podchef. Sterling stuff. I have Tidman’s rock salt and some Fleur De Sel in the larder at home, so I’m probably covered.

    Thanks everyone.

  11. Buy huge cheap bags of rock salt in France, Fraser. They fit Mr Podchef’s description.
    You’ve been reading lots of BBQ books again haven’t you?

  12. egg stores Stamford Hill as if you didn’t know.

  13. So I’ve been using the bestest salt around for years? Can anything surprise me?

  14. Are you sorted Fraser? I’ve got a Jewish friend in North London who’s dad is in the trade that I could ask for you?

  15. Thanks for the offer, it’s much appreciated, but I have a couple of leads to explore first – if I have no luck, I’ll get back to you.

  16. Fraser, I feel compelled to say I ought to be able to help you, although I’ve been a vegetarian for some years now. If you’re stuck, give me a shout, I’m sure I can ask 120 kinds of relatives (largely local).

  17. I buy wonderful big, big tubs of Dead Sea Salt for £1.99 from Carmel, one of the shops serving the Orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill. It’s opposite Nettos, next to the junction of Stamford Hill and Clapton Common.

  18. What a splendid use of a pancreas. Thanks – you’ve finally motivated me to buy HFW’s weighty tome and start cooking some offal. Having a vegetarian wife could make this interesting…

  19. I’m in the US and can’t help with a place to buy kosher salt in the UK, but surely any area with a significant orthodox Jewish population will have a kosher food store that sells it. In the US, it seems like you can buy a big box of kosher salt in most supermarkets in big metro areas. Morton’s Kosher Salt is only about $3-4 per 3 lb box and ironically tastes way better than Morton’s Crap Regular Iodized Salt. For use in recipes, the size of the flakes can be important if texture is an issue. For example a salt bagel has big salt crystals on the outside; if you spread the same amount of finely ground salt over the outside, even if it was fancy sea salt, eating the bagel would feel like a salt lick.

  20. morrisons @ stamford hill. Plenty kosher goods to make you pristine. Check it out.

  21. I’m glad somebody else is finding it a pain in the ass to find kosher salt in the U.K. I now live in W. Sussex, but back in California I could buy it in any super market…diamond crystal brand was readily available. As a chef I find kosher salt excellent for cooking (also it is the PERFECT salt for rimming margarita glasses) but alas, I am at a loss here to find it…anyone on the South coast know of a good Jewish market…or other resource, let me know,

  22. King Fork in MO, USA

    When I describe Kosher salt to “smug country folk” here, they say it’s actually “country salt.” To call it Kosher seems to irritate them, somewhat.
    Can’t imagine why. Can you?

  23. I’d love to know if anyone finds it as well. I’ve tried around central London to no avail. Same for edame still in the shells too. Not the things I expected to have difficulty finding when we moved here.

  24. Matteo is that you????? I moved out of Visalia, ur in the UK now?????

  25. off topic.. just discovered your blog.. and that it’s your birthday. happy birthday! hope you received something else off your wish list!

  26. Is it possible to buy kosher salt online in the UK from a Uk site? Post and packing is prohibitive. I also don’t feel like tecking across town just for salt. Google comes up with nothing. I dont want sea salt just regular kosher salt.

  27. hey good news… is now selling Kosher salt in the UK…!!