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holloway road

I never like to apologise for any absences between posting, as doing so would be an assumption that a) anyone cares and that b) those who do are feverishly awaiting whatever it is I have to say. This is a touch arrogant for my liking, so I don’t bother.

However, having swapped the leafy environs of Kilburn, NW2 for the no-less salubrious surroundings of Holloway, N7 (yep, I’ve finally gone and bought myself a flat), and having waited the best part of a month for BT to attach a phone-line so I can connect to Mr & Mrs Internet (I’m still waiting, by the way), while at the same time attempting to finish a book, I feel as though leaving notice here to confirm that I’m not yet dead might not be considered inappropriate.

At least I’ve been cooking in my absence. My latest triumph involves plenty of blood, hair, and some earwax. Reports and photographs will follow once I’m back online.

Kittenwar on the Colbert Report

Just a few months ago, quadruple-Emmy Award nominee Stephen Colbert was the featured entertainer at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. And now? Well, he’s bigging up Kittenwar on national TV. Crazy.