Kittenwar on the Colbert Report

Just a few months ago, quadruple-Emmy Award nominee Stephen Colbert was the featured entertainer at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. And now? Well, he’s bigging up Kittenwar on national TV. Crazy.


  1. Impressive. The kittens ARE taking over the world.

    I haven’t been here for ages, but I saw Gordon “f**king” Ramsay slaughtering his pigs and cooking snails last night and thought of you.


  2. Dude, that is soo awesome! What a plug for your site!

    Btw, anymore gi-normous recipe experimentations?

  3. Everywhere I go, I see KittenWar. Congratulations on reaching an all-pervasiveness envied by many and achieved by few! A quick poll of my very educated friends revealed that 9 had seen and/or participated in KittenWar whereas only 2 knew about Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. WHich mostly proves I hang about with geeks rather than foodies, but there you go. Be proud of it nonetheless.

    Best wishes!

  4. Did your servers utterly melt at the influx?

  5. Nick: Can’t say much, apart from watch this space.

    Louisa: No, Kittenwar is made of pretty strong stuff these days. It’s an efficient beast.

  6. Kittenwar is extremely fun and time consuming. I spent about 3 hours the other day playing it without moving.

    I am tempted to link it to my site so that those who don’t wish to donate to my fund, can play kittenwar.

  7. you are now so famous you can’t find time to cook anymore? do I have to switch to jamie oliver???

  8. It’s good to know that the activity that pervades the majority of my work-day is becoming so popular. Pretty soon, nothing will be accomplished in the workplace ever again.

  9. I’m stunned into a revered silence. Colbert is a comic genius and you are his muse. Brilliant. Onward kitten soldiers…

  10. Fraser, it horrible, cold and wet out there. Fancy cooking up a mega comfort-food thing and sharing it with us on this here blog to cheer us up? Please?

    I vote something with gravy. Or chocolate. Or chocolate-gravy.


  11. Will blood do? My next entry will feature plenty of that. And ears.

  12. Oh, yes, that will cheer me up nicely, thanks. Ears are a bonus. Dont go doing a VanGogh thing to keep me happy though, you dont even know me!!!!

  13. Let’s see… You’re going to raise, slaughter and stew a rabbit.?. Don’t name them like you did your speedy little escargot friends.

  14. I’m bored: cook something!!!
    PS: I hold you entirely responsible for the large amount of volcanic silicone Le Creuset now festooning my kitchen!!!

  15. That iscrazy….. Wow.

    But kittens always sell. They look so damn innocent.
    Anyway, good work!