Investment Opportunity

I read something interesting today. It included the following passage:

I seriously question whether an injection of a million dollars of investment capital into will improve the long-term wealth generation prospects for the founder.

Anyone fancy testing the theory?

Site Update: Blogjam is six years old. Or at least it was three days ago.


  1. I seriously think that an injection of millions of dollars WOULD improve the long-term wealth generation prospects for the founder…and his FRIENDS!!!

  2. I think you should make an upmarket version of the site called ‘felines in porcelain’ for the more discerning cat/sink lover.

    And then give me a million dollars.

  3. AND happy 6th birthday! Woo!

  4. Similarly, my recently opened site called “Done a Poo” would also benefit from an injection of cash.

  5. what about a merger of my two favourites? scary blogduck?

  6. i’ve check and i have about £2.63 in my pocket. will that “improve the long-term wealth generation prospects for the founder” ?

  7. Perhaps it would help you incentivize your core competencies while refocusing your paradigm.

  8. Bill says a lot of crap…..

    basically, take the money. Cats need sinks.

  9. I wish you a very happy new year, fraser!

  10. Take the money and run. Take your cat with you.

  11. Now it is good time to invest in PR.China.The value of RMB would be up more and more and now the stock market there is better than any others.It is not to overestimate that everyone would amply their currency property more than 100 per cent.