“We’ve always felt that in the battle between the corporates on the one hand and the nutters in bedrooms on the other, the latter would prevail. Hence we’ve hired our own nutter.”

I have a new job. Quite why this is the kind of news that makes the media pages of The Guardian (registration required), I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining, and do I love the quote. I feel like it gives me carte blanche to turn up on my first day at work on all fours, pushing a pea along with my nose, or to arrive by tricycle, dressed as Kate Bush, juggling soot.

More worryingly, I’m going to be surrounded by people who’ll know more about music than I do. So I’ve decided to turn blogjam into one of those occasional mp3blog type-things, at least until I get bored, or until the first cease & desist order arrives. This, of course, is a willfully crude attempt to curry favour with my new colleagues, and to give them the impression that I’m not the musical ignoramus they’ll no doubt suspect.

My first track is Dynamite Chair by The Poster Children, and because there’s a video on YouTube, I’m not even going to bother with the mp3.

I’ve never been convinced by the theory that music is supposed to mean anything, but it should make you feel something, and Dynamite Chair makes me want to bounce. Up and down. Frantically. Or if, I’m not in a environment where I can safely bounce, I’ll flail. No other track generates this reaction for me.

I have no idea what the song is about – the video may offer some clues, containing a series of rather spectacular explosions and a man being gaffa-taped to a chair before being offered sushi – but none of this matters.

Just bounce.


  1. Tuuuuune! Poster Kidz roolz!

  2. Yay! You’ve got a proper ‘internet nutter’ job. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations on the job Fraser. Are we going to see you in Cornwall this summer? Carter family anniversary camping weekend 4th Aug. Music and fires encouraged.

    • I got an invite to the Carter Family thing, and I’d have loved to attend, but I’ll be visiting the Stasi Museum in Berlin on that day. I’m big on East German misery at the moment.

  4. Congrats &c. If you ever feel the need to destroy either title’s credibility with poorly researched items on the early 80s New Rom movement, then I’m your man.

  5. Nice one centurion, the new job sounds right up your street.

  6. word indeed fraser. Well done on your new role. I’m sure becoming a nutter will come easily.

    It’s curious that the guardian doesn’t mention your sentence at a well known mobile media company. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    I shall be bouncing to this tune later. now should i bounce like r kelly or should i bounce like a monkey on crack?

  7. Seriously?
    Boring that was. Not in slightest bit creative, methinks. And even make me speak Yoda like.
    And when song over – not over.

    Thumbs down, nose up.

  8. woo! congrats. If you’re really lucky, once you’re all settled in, you can meet me for lunch. Could it get any better?

  9. Well done on this Fraser – holiday means I’m late with the RSS I actually bother reading :) – hope it works out. I start my own new gig next week too. Less glamorous, but equally net based :)