Word of Mouth

One of the great beauties of the web is the chance it gives to talentless buffoons like me to pretend to be someone they’re not.

Some examples: I regularly register with dating websites as Lovekitten22, a one-armed transvestite brunette from Nuneaton. Or you can find me on medical bulletin boards dishing out quack advice to teenage hypochondriacs. It’s great fun. Or I’ll pretend that I can cook.

And people believe you. It’s on the web, so it must be true. You claim knowledge, and no-one doubts you. You give the impression of great wisdom, and everyone assumes that you’re wise. Or you rustle up some pepto bismol ice cream and people start to think you’re the next Mrs Marshall.

I can think of no other reason why the Observer Food Monthly have given me a regular slot on their Word of Mouth weblog.

Yes indeed. With a bit of luck, assuming I don’t poison myself mid-quest, Fraser Lewry’s Animal Alphabet will unleashed in bi-weekly installments over the next 12 months. I’d love to be able to claim that the idea was my own, but it’s actually a Rob Manuel original. He is a very clever man, and his diet isn’t nearly as dreary as I suggest in the opening paragraph. Sorry Rob.


  1. You are becoming tiresomely ubiquitous.

  2. That was the backlash.

  3. Luke: Hush with that backlash. He’s got you pencilled in for “L”

  4. So you’ve got Kitten penciled in for K, right?

    Good Luck. :)

  5. Sorry, that was the backslash.

    I crack myself up sometimes, I really do.

  6. Oh dear – you’re Lovekitten22? That kills about 2 years of warm onanistic memories…..

  7. Congrats with the stats.
    Tell us more about Lovekitten22, then!

  8. Do you think I would need to adjust your cookie (American here) recipe for using chocolate covered bits of antelope instead? We tie politicians to the ground near our anthills here, so the ants don’t taste too great.