Paris, literally in the spring

Apologies for all the craziness round here the last few days – blogjam was attacked by a nasty hacker while I was gallivanting round the scene of the World’s greatest nuclear disaster, and I only got round to fixing everything most things properly last night. A new! improved! blogjam design will be online sooner rather than later, and meanwhile you can view my pictures from Mr and Mrs Chernobyl over at Flickr.

And me? Bollocks to this, I’m off to Paris, for a bit of Serbian Opera. Ooh-la-la.


  1. Damn nasty hackers going off to Chernobyl Paris for teh win!

  2. Hackers! Scum of the cyber-world! Fun blog, I’ll be back.

  3. Were you shot in the opera like Lincoln?

    Luke; have a red pill. First one is free.

  4. look! You’ve gone all new! Nice.

  5. Can I be the first pedant to point out that your cyrillic wossname in the banner doesn’t actually say ‘Blogjam’?

    What is – pray – a b (no such character) f (no such character) (no such character) d m ?

  6. Like the new design, I do.
    SD: It looks like ‘Blogjam’. We all know it says ‘ox penis’. That’s the charm of coming here.

  7. What happened to Fraser in Serbia? Did he get a nose job and changed his name? What are his connections to the Russian mob?
    Stay tuned for more. Or not..?

  8. Rien de blog pour avril?

    Quel domage… ;-)

    (apologies for lousy grammar & spelling)