Vegetarian: Day Five

120 hours: not dead yet!

Breakfast: Cherry danish

Lunch: Toasted mini-pita breads with houmus. That’s what vegetarians eat, isn’t it? Or is it students? I can never remember…

Dinner: A suggestion from Mike – Couscous with dried apricots and butternut squash, taken from the pages of the Ottolenghi cookbook. Best thing I’ve eaten all week. Thank’s Mike. And thanks Mr Ottolenghi.

I know they obviously mean well, but I’ve been getting lots of suggestions for recipes from vegetarians, almost as if removing meat from my menu has automatically reduced my cooking skills to those of a porpoise. You don’t have to! I can still cook! And I have lots of recipe books! There’s really no need!

Tomorrow, I test what it’s like to be a vegetarian abroad, as I travel to Norway, land of Gravlax and Smalahove. So if you’re in Oslo, I’ll be the one eating lingonberries and looking forlorn.


  1. Well I’m no vegetarian and have no cooking advice for you anyway. But as a service to you and the ecological system (because you swearing off meat for a week must throw something out of balance), I’ll eat extra. In fact, I started yesterday. I had 2 cheeseburgers. The lunch cheeseburger had ham and the dinner cheeseburger had bacon. There. You wouldn’t want there to be a sudden over population of bovine or swine now would you?

  2. PS – while in Norway, don’t forget to try the brown cheese!

  3. nice this looks , i bet it tastes good as well.