Bollocks to this, I’m off to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

By train.


  1. oh, germany! where do you go? berlin only or do you come to southern germany? enjoy your holidays.

  2. Only Cologne, and only briefly.

  3. Cologne? Shame, I’m in Berlin for a litte while. Enjoy the trip, once again, you’re the only person who’s holiday snaps I look forward to seeing.

  4. whew! It’s a good thing you’re eating meat again. I can’t imagine Germany otherwise

  5. Hey Fraser,

    Went to Iran 8 years back. Great country hey. Watch out for the secret police watching you, they’re a hoot. Hope you get to Esfahan – good town. Bam was great, certainly before the earthquake. And the Caspian sea is worth having a look at – try and get ye some Caviar there.

    Send my regards to Ahmedinijad.

    Take it easy,


  6. Thanks Cory. I’m back safely now.

  7. Back safely, but very tired i guess :)

  8. Bam was great, certainly before the earthquake.