Banned, as it appears in Iran. I must be in league with the Great Satan.


  1. I am genuinely persona-non-grata in Azerbaijan, after saying something not-terribly-nice about the president.


  2. Something tells me I’m probably banned too!

    PS: I’m back! Did you miss me?

  3. Fras,

    You still out there….it’s been a while (not a normal ‘while’)??


  4. He’s imprisoned in Iran, I imagine.

  5. *pops head in, looks around, runs away*

  6. You still around? I’m hoping you’re okay and not that shaken up Iran won’t post your page…

  7. This is starting to freak me out. Any1 know Fraser in RL? He’s not dead is he?

  8. I’m not dead, I’m merely resting.

  9. Like the parrot?

  10. HE LIVES!!!

  11. Pining, to be exact. He’s pining for the fjords obviously..
    Well, I can’t wait to see that beautiful blue plumage back on the blog!

  12. … Fraser, if this is some kind of lesson, we’re not getting it.

  13. … still not getting it.