what does blogjam mean?

People often stop me in the street and ask me what blogjam means. “Hey Fraser,” they say, “What does blogjam mean?”

I usually give them this example: A while ago I posted a comment to Metafilter, talking about a blog I’d come across called borrowed blogs, which borrowed blogging from other blogs as its own blog content. Soon after this, borrowed blogs borrowed my original metafilter blog thread as its own. Of course the cat was well and truly put amongst the pigeons, and a second thread was started on Metafilter, drawing attention to the fact that borrowed blogs had borrowed my original post about borrowed blogs. To makes things even more convoluted, Random Walks then borrowed the original borrowed blog blog about borrowed blogs as part of its own blog.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is blogjam.

Perfectly straightforward, really.