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like dunkirk

Bollocks to this. After a couple of days of very pleasant company and beer drinking, the whole Flemish/Dutch thing begins to wear a little bit thin. It’s not a language, it’s some kind of terrible vocal torture, as if people are trying to swallow their own heads while simultaneously attempting to cough up golfball-sized lumps of phlegm. I’m heading back to London.

blogjam belgium

Bollocks to this. I’m off to Antwerp. Dave, I call when I’m on the train from Charleroi.


Following my earlier post about America’s readiness for terrorism, I suspect that this guy has been ready since the day he was born. Go get ’em, Cowboy. And my view on all of this? Well, to paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali, ain’t no Iraqi ever called me ginger bollocks.

not ready

Gonna take a moment to get political on yo’ ass.

1. Reality.

2. Satire.

Not sure which is the scariest, the fact that the US deem the first site necessary in the first place, or the suspicion that there’s a lot of people on both sides of The Atlantic who think the second actually reflects the reality of the situation. Culture of fear, anyone?

mind reader rubbish

What’s the score with all this excitement regarding the flash mind reader that was recently sitting proudly atop the Blogdex Charts? For a start, it’s not new. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. Or even the second. Or the third. Or even… you get the idea. Now the site’s creator has decided to start charging money to let people in on the secret. Well don’t bother – it’s a basic mathematical trick, and the solution is all over the Internet, including on this site in an entry from six months ago.

So send me your money instead.


This, I have to see. His name is Cat Man. His cats are called Oscar, Cossette, Sara, Piggy, Sharkey, Chopin, Georges, and Mandarin. They perform tricks, jumping through rings of fire and the like. I suspect that he’s some kind of genius.

despot or sexpot

New on blogjam: To celebrate the twin threads of impending war and Valentine’s Day, I’ve created a special new quiz. It’s great, and features me singing. It’s called Despot or Sexpot.