Following my earlier post about America’s readiness for terrorism, I suspect that this guy has been ready since the day he was born. Go get ’em, Cowboy. And my view on all of this? Well, to paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali, ain’t no Iraqi ever called me ginger bollocks.


  1. i don’t know what is the scariest, the music or the look in his eyes. i suspect they’ve been red-eyed-photoshop-edited, it looks too freakish!

  2. piper
    what a great logo…
    wayll, mah nayum ears pipah..
    ana just wannah kipit simpull.
    i kinda like them there triangles..
    yeah… annah like p…it starts mah nayum…i know …somethin
    that’ll show them beehatches thatah know more than jus the banjo…
    i want me some grits…

  3. I bet he lives in that forest. On his own.