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temporary design

Like the new look? No? Me neither, but don’t fret, it’s just a temporary measure. I’ve just installed a new publishing system, and now that blogjam is maximised for ultimate efficiency I’m going to produce the ultimate blogjam design. Alternatively, I’ll probably lose my patience and do something simple. So watch this space. Or not, as the case may be.

kitten threat

I feel a challenge coming on. My current domination of the Internet kitten market is about to be threatened by a newcomer. The site is owned by the brilliantly named Charlotte Pepper, and although I may have struck first in the kitten goldrush, I think there’s room for plenty of other prospectors.

so solid

I really like the So Solid Crew. I like the album. I think “Haterz” is a brilliant, claustrophobic song. This, however, doesn’t stop me from poking fun at them. Sorry.


Cornwall is nice. Yesterday we went to the Eden project but it was closed. Just before that we were in a car crash. For lunch I had a real Cornish pasty. Lovely.

fat boy

“Hi! This is me, I hope you like my pictures, for the right person I may be convinced to put up some more raunchy ones hehe ;)” Please! God! No!

jar jar

Tomorrow I’m off to Cornwall for the weekend. I’m staying with a friend who today sent me up a shopping list of the kind of strange and healthy foodstuffs he has difficulty locating amongst the pasties and clotted cream that populate the shelves of most Cornish shops — black eyed beans, rose coco beans, coarse cornmeal, ground coriander, that sort of thing. Tonight I visited Kilburn’s premier supplier of grains and pulses to obtain the items (Food World, a traditional family-run store with a bewildering array of delights for any food nazi), to discover that they have a life-size statue of Jar Jar Binks guarding the front door.


cd swap

Encouraged by the success of Burn Baby Burn, the web-based CD swapping service for bloggers, a European version has been set up. I’ve signed up, and I suggest that you do too. [via rauxa]