fat boy

“Hi! This is me, I hope you like my pictures, for the right person I may be convinced to put up some more raunchy ones hehe ;)” Please! God! No!


  1. Oh god. Argh. Yech!

  2. don’t you like me, anja?

    i’m hurt

  3. thanks for that Fraser – I haven’t seen your mum in ages..

  4. Aw, poor luba.

    Arrrgh! Ech! Ick!

  5. HaHa Fat man has no DICK!!!!!

  6. Honestly Anamik — I’d have thought you would have been able to tell the difference between a man and a woman at your age…

  7. Actually, I won’t have any breakfast, thanks Mum.

  8. not when your weird hybrid mum is concerned fraser…

  9. i think i’m going to be… erk.. no, too late, i just barfed.

  10. That is disgusting!!!!!! Check out his arse cheeks man!!!!! Imagine them smothering you in the face!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

    I wonder if he has actually ever seen his dick?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  11. yr all bein horrid u wunt lik it