double dutch

I got an email today from Dave Roozendaal, who does much the same job as I do at our Dutch office. He’s about to unleash his own weblog on a bewildered and cowering world, but is unlikely to get it finished before Christmas (the endless parties, the weekends in rehab, delivering all those presents etc etc). Still keen to find himself a voice so that his end-of-year thoughts are devoured feverishly by an online community of millions, he’s taken the rather foolish step of sending me his Top 10 2000 records, which is normally the sort of request I’d ignore completely, but in this case I’ll make an exception. His taste is actually pretty good (we’ll not mention the inclusion of the Goldfrapp album) and, in keeping with the blogjam tradition, the list is assembled in a completely random manner. (Wow, just four days old, and we already have a ‘tradition’).

  • Radiohead – Kid A
  • PJ Harvey – Stories Form the City, Stories From the Sea
  • Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain
  • Queens Of The Stone Age – R
  • Paradox – The Musician As an Outsider
  • Landslide – Drum + Bossa
  • LoSoul – Belong
  • De La Soul – Art Official Intelligence
  • Mike Ladd – Welcome To the Afterfuture
  • Etienne de Cr?cy – Tempovision

Wanna contribute? All Top 10’s gratefully received, maybe even published. By the way, Dave also runs Fluff Girl Wax, a quite splendid record label. Check ’em out.