double death sadness

Kirsty MacColl RIP
I was never a huge fan of Kirsty McColl’s music, but I adored her voice, as she made singing sound more effortless than anyone else in popular music. I once said to Miles Hunt (during his dark days as singer for Vent), that the only Wonderstuff song I had any time for was Welcome To The Cheap Seats, and only because of Kirsty’s vocal contribution. I’m sure he didn’t agree, but he didn’t argue either.

Bim Sherman RIP
This was a real shock – apparently Bim Sherman died of cancer over a month ago, and I’ve only just found out. It speaks volumes for the state of the British music press that more of a fuss wasn’t made, but then again, I don’t read the inkies (sorry, inkie) any more, so I may have missed out. Many years ago I worked in a second hand record shop, and Bim would come in once per week with a stack of his own records to sell, plus those of other artists on On-U-Sound. We originally we gave him pretty good prices, but eventually the store began to overflow with Bim’s unwanted stock, and we had to lower the amount of money we were paying him. He never complained, just took what we were offering and wandered out to the street. I’ve still got some of his albums at home, and will listen to some when I get home.

Sadly missed, both.