ten worst corporations of 2000

Essential.org presents the ten worst corporations of 2000.

  • Aventis: Guilty of selling food not fit for human consumption.
  • BAT: Guilty of smuggling tobacco.
  • BP/Amaco: Guilty of polluting the Alaskan environment.
  • Doubleclick: Guilty of intrusive business practice.
  • Ford/Firestone: Guilty of knowingly selling goods that lead to the deaths of 35 people.
  • Glaxo: Guilty of contributing to the AIDS epidemic in Africa by pricing helpful drugs out of the reach of those who need them most.
  • Lockheed Martin: Guilty of using human guinea pigs to test rocket fuel containing pollutants.
  • Phillips Petroleum: Guilty of unsafe working practices, after the most recent in a series of fires at its Houston plant left 71 people dead.
  • Smithfields Foods: Guilty of wrecking both farm economy and farming country.
  • Titan International: Guilty of union busting and illegal employment practices.

Ever get the feeling you’d be safer on another planet?