ICQ Craziness

A genuine conversation on ICQ today (name changed to protect this innocent). Bear in mind that this is someone I don’t actually know.

xxxxx: is london w1 a cool place to live?
blogjam: It’s mainly Soho, so yes.
xxxxx: ahahha bitches…
xxxxx: s it old london? industrial kinda thing or somthing traditional???
blogjam: It’s in the centre of London, quite sleazy, very expensive. You’d like it.
xxxxx: ahahahhahah i prefer no pay sex eheh and what about a 40k/year rate??? is that good?
blogjam: Yeah, 40K is very good.
xxxxx: ow much a packet of cigarettes
blogjam: ?4.20
xxxxx: fuck it! i would stop smoking!
xxxxx: owever tell me a band you like… possibly somthing new.
sarcastic blogjam: There is no good new music.
xxxxx: then tell me an old band! every genre, even dj’s… everything! i’m open minded regarding music… i could listen to korn, roni size, portishead, van halen… i love folk music as well..
blogjam: Try “La Musica Della Mafia” (compilation album on PIAS). Or anything by Huun Huur Tu (Tuvan throat singing)
xxxxx: ahahha whassup? are u drunk???
blogjam: Nope, just working.
xxxxx: yes, with a dozen beers in front of you!
blogjam: I wish….
xxxxx: eheheh i have just cakes beside me…
blogjam: Very healthy
xxxxx: hahah i dont think so… they’re supposed to be good for children… and 4 chemical hunger… ahahha
blogjam: Right. I’ve got to go now. Enjoy your evening.
xxxxx: ehehhe it’s late at night …yes yes, you think you can fool me around… maybe you cant realize whom you’re dealing with…they call me “th3 foX” ahahah byebyebye.

Now who says that the Internet has killed the art of conversation?