link cull

Time for an occasional cull, and an update of the links section.

Gone! Kitschbitch. Accused of committing the cardinal sin of neglecting to update. Gone! /usr/bin/girl. Gone! kottke. Gone! Plasticbag. For no other reason than they’re all superstars and don’t need my help. Plus I sent an email to Tom at Plasticbag once, and he never bothered replying.

New! bluishorange, for no other reason than having a splendid and beautiful haircut. New! Pie In The Sky, for no other reason than she wrote me a nice email asking to be linked. Welcome aboard! New! methylsalicylate, for no other reason than a cool design and great taste in music. Jim White! Merle Haggard! I wonder if she likes Johnny Dowd.