new stuff

Some things I’ve come across:

Babysmashers, started by a pair of mysterious individuals “concerned about the propagation of truth in society.” They’re apparently “tired of seeing the government and big business work together to pull the wool over the American public’s eyes.” 1, 2, 3, 4, smash the state!

Dictionaraoke, quite possibly from the same culture-jamming source as those devillish droplift project and negativeland tykes. It features a wonderful selection of downloadable tracks, each a cover version of a well-known tune done in a strangely disembodied Stephen Hawkins style.

The Website Fulifier. Put your website through the mangle.

They Rule, which “allows users to browse through the interlocking directories of some of the most powerful American companies and easily run searches on them.” It seems that subversion is now flash generated.

Hairytongue. Not a new site, but a new discovery. If they gave out Oscars for superlative hidden source code, this site would walk away with an armful.