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x-wipes are a fine brand of customised toilet paper, with the splendid novelty of having photographs of your choice printed onto every sheet. Over and over again you can rub someone’s smug expression into the darker crevices of your body, achieving an unhealthy degree of satisfaction in the process. 4 packs of the stuff costs a hefty $99, so you’ve got to be sure when choosing your victim. After a moments contemplation I’ve decided to order a set featuring Blur/Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, truly the most odious man in popular music. Who would you choose? [via Quiddity]


Beeing tightly bound and then suspended a few feet above the floor is a great experience. I have a nice professional lifting harness and with the addition of a metal plate over the stomach I can hang a very long time without loss of circulation.” Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s… latexboy!

superman test

Blogjam intelligence test


Make sure you follow the rules: It’s hard, so concentrate, and read the instructions very carefully. This is a simple psychoanalitic test to evaluate your short-term memory. Open the first Superman picture by clicking on this link now.

Take one minute to memorize it. Without reopening the first you must next try to note each of the differences between the first picture and the next. There are at least six. If you can find three or more, you are of above average intelligence. Click here to see the second picture.

So how did you do?

lap dance

Why do I get the feeling that this is based on a true story?

fan head cat

Annies Costumes sells a variety of animal costumes for parading purposes. Obviously a very high standard of craftmanship goes into the production of each outfit, with the “parade head” featuring “rigid foam” and “a fan”. Isn’t that a little dangerous? At $795 each, I can’t figure out the difference between the male and female versions — perhaps they’ve been spayed and neutered.