new york new york

A pretty successful first 24 hours. Spent last night a several East Village bars, ending up at one where the girls I was with were on good terms with the bartender. Such good terms, in fact, that the rather large tab we ran up came to approximately $2 each.

Today was more sporting. I spent the afternoon at Giants Stadium watching the quite dismal New York Jets struggle against the previously hopeless Buffalo Bills, in a game marked by NY quarterback Vinnie Testaverdi’s apalling decision making at crucual moments and an inability to find a passing game that included his team-mates. Final Score: New York 9, Buffalo 14.

This evening found me at Madison Square Gardens to see the New York Knicks take on the Orlando Magic. Despite a brilliant first half from Latrell Sprewell, the Knicks blew a 12 point lead half-way through the final quarter to go down to a couple of late three-pointers, making it a satisfactory return for former Knicks legend Patrick Ewing. Mind you, it can’t have helped the home team’s chances having Chris Rock and Howard Stern sitting in the front row.