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The last Sunday of the millenium statrs like any other; a trip to the newsagents to score cigarettes and a copy of The Observer. This week’s Life section previews the future, and reveals how advances in computer technology are continuing to blur the boundaries between science and science fiction. Featured in the piece are Kevin Warwick, cybernetics professor at Reading University, who has a tiny computer inserted under the skin of one arm, and Sun Microsystems boss Bill Joy. Joy predicted earlier this year in an article for Wired magazine that “Eventually a stage may be reached at which the decisions necessary to keep the system running will be so complex that human beings will be incapable of making them intelligently. At that stage the machines will be in effective control. People won’t be able to just turn the machines off, because they will be so dependent on them that turning them off would amount to suicide.” With many parties reasonably certain that personal computers will be a million times more powerful in 2030 than they are today, only one thing is certain; Northampton Town are unlikely to get promotion to The Football League’s division one this year, especially after yesterday’s lacklustre home draw with Wycombe Wanderers. Damn.


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