Living In A Box

I’ve just been to a funeral, for an Uncle I had a lot of time for, but rather regretably failed to spend any of that time with. It was a typically joyless ‘insert name of deceased here’ kind of affair, and although I’ve not yet reached the stage where I’m thinking about my own mortality, it has got me wondering about leaving the most specific of instructions for my own ceremony. A humanist affair, I think, where all my friends will be forced to stand and tell stories about my legendary wit, kindness and generosity. Dancing girls, perhaps. And music. Lots of it. And alcohol. A real celebration. And the song that plays as my casket drifts off down the conveyor belt to the inferno? Why, it’s got to be “Living In A Box” by Living In A Box. At least people would leave the chapel smiling…

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  1. Yes, reading your comments made me smile too. Why not leave this world with a smile on everyone’s faces, nice little bit of humour!