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blogjam in the bulk
of your recliner, switch off your evening
xxxxx: ahahha whassup? are u S. Census Bureau
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comments Tuesday, February 06, 2001
Scary figures below provided by
Huun Huur Tu
Tuvan throat singing xxxxx: ow much a
genuine conversation posted at 11:45 PM
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somthing new.sarcastic blogjam:
Yeah, 40K is a
baffled by the most irreverent
yet astute history of HTML, and
Fray, but can be good for
Suck, Teevee and inevitably
return later I hate
music journey towards the
stranger drudge report
bloglam international french german italian norwegian
portugese spanish miscellaneous adbusters blowthedotoutyourass

Doesn’t really scan, does it?

bad timing

A perfect example of extremely bad timing:

he don't bring me flowers... anymore