I’ve been watching MTV’s Jackass all week, and while it might not be as idiotic as the original pranksters at Camp Kill Yourself, it does set a new standard for gloriously moronic television. What will happen next is that the UK tabloids will find an example or two of poor kids who manage to injure themselves by attempting to replicate the show’s stunts, and all the usual hand-wringing dispair about the apalling influence of television on today’s youth will follow. And no-one will mention the fact that some kids are idiots and, being idiots, are always prone to doing idiotic things, whatever they might watch on TV.


  1. any kid who watches jackass is fully aware of the danger that the cast put themselves in. at the beginning of each show there is 2 warnings clearly stating that people should not attempt 2 copy stunts and that the show is performed by professionals.yet these kids take no notice and wen they r put in hospital by copying jackass, the show and the cast get the blame becoz the parents think it is a bad influence. kids should pay attention 2 wot they r told and if they copy the stunts, they should take the blame for their stupidity

  2. me and my mates hav a camra and we do jackass and hav a great laugh we dont aim 2 hurt our selves we aim 2 hav fun and do stuff u would never normally do. we are clearly aware of the dangers of some of the things we do. even without jackass i would do these stupid things because it is fun and it is so boring living in a country village. if i was hurt i wouldnt blame it on the tv show i would blame it on my self 4 being a prat.basiclly i do it cus me and me mates r so so bored. there is a slight influence from CKY and Jackass but not much. i hav my limits of wat i would do so i will not do someting life threating. normally. thank you 4 your time.


  3. hiya ma name is jamie and me and my mates always do jackass, coz i got a cam for xmas and ma mates always say stuff like we should do jackass so we always do it! and it ant stupid so if you are a adult da think this is stupid then get a life its up 2 us not you!

  4. hey jackass is awsome dont stop making movies keep up the good work amazing people like I say “go wide or go home” later